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How to Use NYTimes' Vellum App

The media world continues to adapt and change to keep up with our fast-paced, 146-character times. In the case of Vellum, The New York Times' own R&D team has come up with an alternate way for viewing a reading list of the links that come into your Twitter feed. According to the Grey Lady's sign-in site for Vellum, this Web app emphasizes content by ranking how often the links are shared by people you know.

1. Go to and click Sign in using your Twitter account. 

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2. Grant access to the app by filling in your username and password. Then clicking Authorize App. 

Vellum will have access to who you follow, and to the links that appear in your feed. We appreciated that at this stage, the service also delineates quite clearly what it won't be able to do, once you approve access. This removes any concerns about the app suddenly adding new people to follow, updating your profile, posting Tweets, accessing your direct messages or your password. 

3. Processing. This interim screen shows Vellum as it analyzes your feed.

4. Get reading. Vellum returns to you a list that parses out links that have appeared in your feed. The links that have been been actively reshared by your circle rank higher in the feed, but there's no distinction between the same person retweeting a link multiple times, for example. And sponsored links can be picked up as well, such that you end up with a link back to a service (for example, Hulu) and not to an actual piece of content.

 5. Change your view. By default, Vellum shows you your Twitter feed (referred to as your Timeline here, perhaps in a nod to Facebook's nomenclature). However, you can also view links from your public and private lists; simply select the list from the provided drop-down menu.

 6. Sign out. When you're done, you can click sign out at the top right of the Vellum page to close the Web app.