Top iPad Remote Access Apps: Control Your PC From Anywhere

Part of staying productive is staying connected, but what if you don't feel like lugging your laptop. Remote access apps for the iPad allows you to tap into a remote computer – say, the one in your home office – and access applications, music, movies, or just about anything on that local system and use it as though you are physically there. Two products compete head-to-head in this space, and one new contender shines when it comes to accessing music and video while you're on a local network.

Which remote access iPad app is best for your needs? Read on and check out our full reviews.

GoToMyPC for iPad

If you like the idea of leaving your laptop behind when you’re on the road, then you’ll definitely want to consider adding GoToMyPC for iPad to your arsenal of apps. The download requires a $10 subscription for the host computer, but it provides a simple remote view into your PC back home. Plus, setup is easy and fast.

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LogMeIn Ignition

Now that smart phones and tablets are becoming more powerful and as ubiquitous as notebooks, it stands to reason that consumers would rather take just those smaller devices on the road. LogMeIn Ignition is a highly flexible remote-access app that runs on Android smart phones as well as on the iPad and iPhone. But is this $30 app a good deal?

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Splashtop Remote

Who says you can’t watch Hulu for free on your iPad? Splashtop, the company best known for its instant-on operating system for notebooks, has created a simple but effective app for accessing your computer from an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. While the $5 Splashtop Remote isn’t as robust as full-fledged remote access apps, those who want to want to tap into their computer at home or in the office on the cheap will find it works well.

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