The MacBook Wheel: 'The Most Intuitive Product Ever Designed'

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Though Jeffery gets to have all the fun liveblogging the MacWorld keynote, another news outlet got the scoop on another new notebook from Apple:

What we love about this video (besides the good-natured ribbing of Apple and Mac Cultists) is that The Onion put so much effort into making it.  Making the MacBook Wheels and the software interface and the set that looks just like a corner of an Apple store or (I can only assume) a booth at MacWorld -- even down to little details like the font Apple uses on price/info cards.  I don't want to think about how much money it all costs.  Worth it?  Hell yeah!

Hat Tip: CrunchGear

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  • Nova Says:

    Not as funny as the ultra mini macbook.

  • Sascha Says:

    at least we know now, why there have been so many Apple Netbook rumors around.
    Apple has just nothing new to show... This wheel whatever keyboard will be as successful as the NoahPad and wow, a 17 inch MacBook..

    Sorry guys, i know it´s not your fault but these systems are just boring and they won´t make it more interesting by using marketing sentences like "the most intuitive product ever designed". It seems like Apple is a little bit out of his mind in these days and to be honest, it scares me a little bit for their global pc and laptop marketshare. iTunes will always work out but 2 more years of boring products like these and they will have a real problem.


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