Texas Instruments Brings 1366x768 Resolution to Pico Projectors

Now you've  got more to thank Texas Instruments for than that TI-89 calculator that got you through geometry class. Today, the company announced a DLP HD chipset that will enable 1366 x 768-pixel video in pico projectors and other mobile devices. When projected onto a wall, the 16:9 aspect ratio video will span a 100-inch "screen".

The projectors will be released by more than 20 companies including Acer, Cinepic, Dell, Fujitsu, iGO, and Samsung.  Like a proud tech innovator, Texas Instruments will be showing off the new pico projector technology as well as other devices with the picos built-in--such as smart phones (like this one), cameras, and camcorders with the attached projectors on the back--here at CES. We'll be there for hands-on time.

Social Media Editor