SWAGG App Lets You Manage Gift Cards on Your Phone

Anyone who's ever put off shopping to the last minute knows the appeal of gift cards. And anyone who's ever received a gift card knows how frustrating it can be to keep track of the balance—not to mention the card itself. Released yesterday, the SWAGG app bills itself as an easy way to keep track of your gift money, and it even lets you take the plastic out of the equation.

SWAGG allows users to import gift card information to a smart phone; so you can ditch the physical card completely. The app helps you keep track of balances and expiration dates so you can get the most out of your present.

Users can give and exchange gift cards from more than 250 retailers. The app also alerts you to deals that can be used either in-store and online. SWAGG is available for free from the App Store and the Android Market.

LAPTOP Staff Writer