Sony VAIO F and VAIO C Series Recalled

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Apparently there's a major BIOS issue with some Sony VAIO F and C series notebooks that cause overheating so bad that it can result "in deformation of the product’s keyboard or external casing, and a potential burn hazard to consumers." The good news is that you may be able to fix it yourself instead of sending the notebook back to Sony for repairs.

First, find out which Sony model you have, then see if your model is on the list, then follow the helpful instructions at on how to apply the update. If you don't feel comfortable doing this on your own, you can always call Sony Customer Support for help.

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  • sandra derksen Says:

    I have a Sony Vail VPCEB21FX I have been experiences with the fan. It is making a clunking and whirring sound. I have checked out and have found out that there has been a recall on some of the laptops. How do I find out if mine is one of them

  • Laptop Computers Reviews Says:

    Design wise there is a small bug Sony Vaio VPCF12AFM / H, because it contains the same thin and light form factor, with neat rows of other Sony Vaio laptops have. Followed by flat Sony keyboard keys chiclet style and has plenty of space for a numeric keypad. Typing experience is very good, as good as all the MacBook, and should be a grind all the numbers as well as writers. The keys are also backlit so you can write comfortably in the dark. The touch pad is just a nice little and support multi gesture.

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