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SO.HO Android App Combines Facebook and Twitter Feeds as Homescreen

Who needs battery-eating dynamic wallpaper on your Android phone's homescreen when you can have all of your social networking updates there instead? That's the point behind Inq's new beta app SO.HO. It allows you to combine your Facebook and Twitter feeds as your homescreen. 

That means you can unlock your homescreen and toggle between Facebook and Twitter, posting status updates, liking posts, commenting, checking-in and tweeting, all without leaving your homescreen. The free app plans to include other social networks in the future. Currently, the app is only meant for phones running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and above and does not run on tablets.

During our hands-on time with the app, we found it interesting to see all of our news feeds in one place, but we did miss having quick and easy access to all of our other apps, because you can't put shortcuts on top of the wallpaper. However, you can customize the five quick access apps at the bottom of the new homescreen. 

Inq CEO and cofounder Ken Johnstone can't wait for you to try his new app out. "We're really excited about SO.HO and the easy access it gives you to a full screen Facebook and Twitter experience, pulling you directly into your social world as soon as you unlock you phone," he said. If you're among the intrepid early adopters who download this app, let us know what you think in the comments.