Smartphone Madness 2013 Finals: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. BlackBerry Z10

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We've  made it to the big show. It's been a long, tough fight, but we've narrowed the options for your Smartphone Madness champion for 2013 to either the Nokia Lumia 920 or the BlackBerry Z10. One on side of the court we have Windows Phone 8 and on the other BlackBerry 10; the Nokia Army vs. CrackBerry Nation. Which side will come out dominant is all up to you. Let's meet the competitors.

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The $99 Lumia 920 is poised and ready to finish strong and make last year's winner -- the Nokia Lumia 900 -- proud. So far, it's handily taken down the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900. And just a little while ago, the polls closed on the semi-final that propelled the Nokia Lumia 920 here. This Editors’ Choice-winning phone is slick and colorful. We’ve praised it for its superb PureView camera, eye-popping 4.5-inch HD screen and integrated wireless charging. We also love Nokia’s useful preloaded apps. I'm sure the Windows Phone 8 fans are exhausted, but they'll have to rally to beat the BlackBerry's base. 

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To get here, the BlackBerry Z10 had to step over the Google Nexus 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the Sony Xperia Z. It's easily brought home every win, and as long as the fans don't get over-confident they might be able to do it again. That's because we praised this handset, during our review, for its slick multitasking interface and superior touchscreen keyboard that learns as you type. Other special features such as BlackBerry Hub, Voice Command and BBM support might be of use during this battle. The Z10, available on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless for around $199, was first available on AT&T. 

Since this is the finals, you'll have time to make your pick and promote your side. But not much. Polls will remain open until Monday, April 8th at 9 a.m. EST. Tip off and voting starts ... now!

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  • sammy Says:

    Lumia is awesome....

  • Omar Martinez Says:

    The most exciting of my Lumia 920 is it has 8.7 PureView camera with optics by Carl Zeiss Lens because you can take fantastic pictures without flash, I disagreed with the phone because gets overheat when its connected to the internet, The world need to know about Lumia Phone that has the best GPS System of the world, can use City Lens application to view by camera display the best shops, restaurants, and points of Interes as virtual signs overlaid on the buildings right in front of you.

  • Joe Says:

    I was big fan of symbian for a long years but now the BlackBerry Z10 eventually won the competition of the newest mobile op system's war. Freezing Z10? Bull, since 3 weeks no restart, no switching off and the same speed provided. Lumia can do this?

  • jump Says:

    Nokia is always a classic

  • kendra Says:

    Nokia fone Ȋ̊§ d best.

  • patricia Says:

    I lav z10 ,viva blackberry

  • lucky Says:

    Nokia will get there one day. One step at a time. It had its time for being the best, now the tech head have arrived, young smatter and effective. This vote goes for Blackberry.

  • phone guru Says:

    Lumia has proven that smartphones are the next generation of laptops, you can literally use the lumia to do everything you can on your laptop with very little compromise, blackberry on the other hand changed there approach from business to commercial.. Bad idea blackberry, stick to what you good at. Even tho the z10 has tons of features that will keep you entertained even without BIS. Lol Lumia doesn't need BIS at all and you'd have it in your hands 24/7, I have both phones, the Z10 and the Lumia, and I tend to pick up my Lumia instead of my BB.. Both great phones! But this time Nokia takes the cake!

  • Burzin Daruwalla Says:

    Z10 anyday babes anyday

  • duong Says:

    i like nokia 920

  • Nithin Says:

    Blackberry has to accept the defeat . Lucky for them to lock horns with lumia only in finals or else they would have been out way before.

  • Spy520 Says:

    I like the Z10 much more!

  • Fis Says:

    I prefer Blackberry bold than Z10.

  • Sophy Mutumbulwa Says:

    I Love the Blackberry Z10, But I'll vote for Nokia Lumia 920, that phone is just way to smart!!

  • Esra Liebenberg Says:

    BlackBerry Z-10 is my baby go for it guy's.

  • Jose Vielma Says:

    nokia Lumia 920

  • Jose Vielma Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 es el mejor equipo.

  • david Says:

    BB10!! Z10 Rock the house!

  • pipino Says:

     still †ђξ best Fø̲̣̣я̅ †ђξ fact øӻ backup Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ restore

  • Alazeen Virus Says:

    Give a Z10, I would explore!

  • FREDRICK Asaroma Says:

    BB is the best ever. if only the copy and past, edit and even egrsdit PDF files is ok by me (the best)

  • Beckberry Says:

    who don't know BBM. Still the coolest messenging. And now with voice and video chat.clear display with 355 ppi,time shift and of cousu new UI and able to run some android games and applications.
    GO Z10

  • Mohamed Ragab Says:

    BlackBerry more that smartphone it is a computing phone viva BB Z10

  • Mohamed wanis Says:

    BlackBerry Z 10 is the best

  • pentagon Says:

    By my standards BBZ10 is the best

  • الممممها Says:

    BlackBerry Z10

  • raiko Says:

    I'll always love the BB design,so my vote goes to Z10!!..

  • Nicolas Rodriguez Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 para todo el mundo, blackberry se le acabo su presencia

  • eerie6 Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920

  • kbs Says:

    Nokia is by far better in terms of consistency.

  • Helen Weis Says:

    Make Your Smartphone 007 Smart
    Hi, I would like to send you a Press review copy of our new book ‘Make Your Smartphone 007 Smart’ by Conrad Jaeger. Just let me know.
    Best wishes,

  • henry Says:

    Z10 its the best

  • Mase Says:

    There doesn't seem to be any way to vote... Too bad. Z10 rocks.

  • clever hamadi Says:

    BlackBerry Z10

  • Shutter Says:

    And for the second year in a row, the Windows Phone wins due to incessant plugging by Microsoft acolytes. If the other manufacturers/OS makers gave half a damn about these contests, Microsoft would be completely buried.

  • Steve Tilner Says:

    BB has the advantage, a very solid phone. my old Lumia was sold for half of what I paid for it one week after I locked into my Zed10.

  • @BB10 is Light Years ahead! From. JesTib Says:

    Not only that, Nokia won the popular vote, so I think the majority of people here agree with me.

  • @BB10 is Light Years ahead! From. JesTib Says:

    Okay, lets do this one step at a time.

    You say that it is your opinion that it's an ugly OS, and I respect that. You do however go on to say that professional analysts' opinions mean "exactly ZERO." So based on that, am I correct in saying that your opinion means exactly zero as well?

    Nokia may not own WP8, and you are correct in pointing this out, as well as the advantages that BlackBerry has in owning their own OS. Nokia is however more invested in WP8 than any other manufacturer. Also, as part of their agreement with Microsoft, Nokia has the freedom to change the OS to their liking. This is something that no other manufacturer can do.

    It's nice to know that BlackBerry has $3 billion in cash, but since you're talking about cash, I thought you should know that Nokia has $4.7 billion. And while we're talking numbers, in the most recent available quarterly financial statements, BlackBerry made $98 million in profit, which, as you stated, is more than analysts predicted. This is good, but Nokia however posted $585 million in profits, which is just shy of six times the profit of BlackBerry. I am not sure why you are comparing the debt of the US to a company based in Finland, so I do not know what to say to that. Also not sure how the US debt helps BlackBerry.

    You are correct in saying that there is a lot of ignorance in the world we live in, and you prove that by saying that reviewers who praise the beautiful OS "are all paid to say this by those afraid of the BB comeback." This is an ignorant thing to say, and it is not only the reviewers who have said this. I have had people tell me how gorgeous and fluid the OS is.

    HDMI out - I have never had the want or need for HDMI out, but I can see that some people would want it.
    Expandable memory - Again, this is an advantage for the Z10. However, the 920 has twice the built in memory. I haven't even filled the 16gb of memory on my Lumia 900, so not having expandable memory is, in my opinion, irreverent.
    Replaceable battery - again, I don't see this as being a disadvantage for the 920. Having a non-removable battery means the device can be made sleeker and stronger. I guess the Z10 would require a battery that is removable so that the phone can be restarted after one of the many, guaranteed freezes.
    Aesthetics - There is no way in the world that the Z10 looks better than the 920, or many other phones for that matter. In fact, it is about as boring as a phone can look. The only phone more boring is possibly the Galaxy series.
    Keyboard - I have not used the BB10 virtual keyboard, but giving that the 920 has more screen real estate, I would assume it is easier to type on. I would imagine that the predictive text on the BB is nice to have though.
    Reception - This is pretty hard to compare, but based on my Lumia 900 and BB7 devices, Nokia takes the win. Not sure about the newer devices however.
    Size - the 920 is definitely bigger, but it also offers a bigger screen as well as more hardware features, so I feel the added size and weight are worth it. And saying a device is better because it is smaller is like comparing apples and oranges. Some people prefer a larger device, and others prefer a smaller one.
    Browser speed - Having a higher number in the html5 test means that the browser is able to support more things, but does not make it faster. In the reviews that I've seen, the 920's browser is easily faster.
    Security - BlackBerry has push security from day one. With WP8 however, Microsoft is taking the fight to BlackBerry in that area. Microsoft may still be behind, but it will no doubt get much better as time goes on.
    Multitasking - In case you didn't read my first comment, I did say that I miss multi-tasking, and I hope it will be implemented in a future version of WP.
    Active frames - A poor interpretation of live tiles. Only able to see information on eight apps at a time vs. a basically limitless number of always updating live tiles.

    I guess you forgot to mention where the Z10 falls short of the 920. The 920 has a much better camera that easily takes better day shots, and completely destroys the Z10 at night shots thanks to the OIS and dual LED flash vs. the single LED flash on the Z10. And don't forget about the smooth video capture ability also dueto the OIS on the 920. And how about the wireless charging? And all the different colors that the Lumia is available in. The 920 also has twice the screen refresh rate as the Z10. Not to mention the Nokia Clear-Black technology for optimum outdoor visibility.

    Based on all those things, the 920 is leaps and bounds ahead of the z10, and Nokia is obviously much more profitable and innovative than BlackBerry.

  • edward Says:

    nokia lumia is the best smart phone, while BB10 is a smart phone that bad, I really do not lumia 920 is the king of smart phones

  • Mike D Says:

    The BlackBerry Z10 is already a winner. I don't see or hear anything about Nokia phones! If the operating system is anything like it is on a laptop, the Windows 8 platform will fail miserably. I can't imagine how this phone is even competing in the same class as the Z10. The BB10 plarform is outstanding, intuitive and safe!

  • Rafael Peralta Says:

    NADA MEJOR QUE UN NOKIA LUMIA 920... (Nothing better than a NOKIA LUMIA 920)

  • western Says:

    I need Z10 not lumia

  • Alberto Barrios CR Says:

    I prefere 100% Nokia Lumia 920. Its just the best phone, Nokia rocks with great features easy user interface.

  • Moises Says:

    Nokia Lumia by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • kerlyarias Says:

    Me parece que el 920 es el mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • S'phelele Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 deserves this one, The Z10 doesn't stand a chance

  • Farzad.Iran Says:

    only Lumia 920 , I love it.
    فقط نوکیا و لومیا 920

  • raghavendran Says:

    My vote is for nokia Lumia 920. Nokia rocks with great features easy user interface.

  • rago Says:

    CrapBerry is Dead

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