Skype Launches Video Messages for Mac, iPhone and Android

A new feature called Video Messages will soon be on your Skype app across Mac, iOS and Android devices that you own. Microsoft had reportedly been working on the feature for a few months now, and those who were intrigued need not wait much longer—Video Messages is launching this week.

The feature lets Skype users send video snippets of up to three minutes in length to each other, and works with both online and offline messaging. Ironically, Microsoft isn't making Video Messages available for Windows users initially—those using Skype for Windows or Skype for Windows Phone will instead receive a link to where the video sits online, and they'll have to click through to view their message.

On Android and iOS, using the feature is quite straightforward. Video Messages fires up your smartphone's front facing camera, or you can switch to the rear camera to record your clip. Once you're all done, your video message is delivered in the chat portion of Skype. On Macs, it's the same drill for recording, except you also get the option to download and save any video messages you receive (in MP4 format).

US and UK Skype users get first crack at Video Messages, with users in other countries expected to get the feature soon afterwards. The only downside is Video Messages is rolling out as part of Skype Premium, and after 20 free messages you'll have to subscribe to the service for $4.99 a month to have continued access to the feature. Given that, perhaps sticking to good ol' (free!) iSight camera recordings will be enough to suit your needs.

Update: A Skype spokesperson has gotten in touch with us to clarify Skype's video messaging capability in Windows desktop and mobile platforms. He states: "We will have send capability in Windows by end of April. In the meantime, we continue to test this new feature in its early release."

via The Verge