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Sick of Your Old Eee PC Yet?

Time flies. It has been nearly a year now since the original Eee PC 701 hit U.S. markets in Fall 2007. At the time and for many months afterward, it seemed like every self-respecting nerd just had to have one of these  7-inch comcuters. Then larger netbooks sporting 8.9 and 10-inch screens hit the market and the thrill of carrying around a  PC with a minuscule 800x480 desktop and a kiddie keyboard lost a lot of its luster. Around the LAPTOP office, we've started to wonder: are people still using the 7-inch Eee PCs they bought a year ago or are they already relegated to the closet, in favor of something newer and bigger? I recently wrote to a friend of mine who had bought the original Eee PC for her teenage daughter last fall to ask how it was going. She replied:

"We're hardly ever using it. It's too small for me and [my daughter] got a MacBook (which is small and light). For us, anyway, it was a waste of money."

Are you in her boat? If you've had a 7-inch Eee PC for more than a few months, let us know how much you still use it (or don't).