Sick of Your Old Eee PC Yet?

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Are you still using your 7-inch Eee PC?
Time flies. It has been nearly a year now since the original Eee PC 701 hit U.S. markets in Fall 2007. At the time and for many months afterward, it seemed like every self-respecting nerd just had to have one of these  7-inch comcuters. Then larger netbooks sporting 8.9 and 10-inch screens hit the market and the thrill of carrying around a  PC with a minuscule 800x480 desktop and a kiddie keyboard lost a lot of its luster. Around the LAPTOP office, we've started to wonder: are people still using the 7-inch Eee PCs they bought a year ago or are they already relegated to the closet, in favor of something newer and bigger? I recently wrote to a friend of mine who had bought the original Eee PC for her teenage daughter last fall to ask how it was going. She replied:

"We're hardly ever using it. It's too small for me and [my daughter] got a MacBook (which is small and light). For us, anyway, it was a waste of money."

Are you in her boat? If you've had a 7-inch Eee PC for more than a few months, let us know how much you still use it (or don't).
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  • Johnbklyny Says:

    install linux or andriod or windows xp legacy

  • mindmyenglish Says:

    i bought this eee pc 701 4G with window xp for RM1099 ( about US$320 ) on July 2008. it was 1st introduced on January 2008 about US$350 without xp. using it for browsing / business purpose
    ( insurance, letters ) the hardisk ( only tiny 4gb ) is only 350mb after minus windows, install printers and it exactly just enough space. after 1 year 4 months making money out of it i dare to say i can buy 2 or 3 netbooks nowadays with 160gb ( damn! ) 10' screen with atom processor which now selling for about US$290 with window 7 starter. still deciding to sell or trade my old eee pc cause i still love it but now after updates the memory had become 180mb for no reason.

  • melody Says:

    I bought my 4G surf 2 months ago. It is a great lovely thing i would like to bring with me all the time. Most of time use it to surfing and dealing mail. Sometimes I use it to edit "word" and " PPT". I even use it to read books and listen to internet radio on bed. It just so portable.

    However, the display is just too small for me. Since most of my work is ppt and excel. it just too difficult to make it in the small screen. And later I found the speaker and the WIFI could not work properly sometimes.

    Then, I bought an Aspire one. With 8.9" display, and larger storge. After a week, I found the Aspire One surfing speed is double slower than the 701. Also, the glass display make me difficult to read. Since I just cannot live without internet, Surfing is the biggest usage of my laptop.
    I want to buy one more. I checked internet, I found the Atom is poor performer versus Celeron. It is a surprise but reasonable, since Atom is design for UMPC which need to be more power saving.

    Then, I concluded that I need a portable machine with quickly speed, bigger screen. I went to Hongkong (I live in China) last week, then to avoid the Atom proccesor I bought an Eee PC 900 with 16g.ssd. The machine is perfect with speed. But the battery life is just too short It could last only 2 hours. So, I decide to bought a 6 cells battery for it.

    Finally, I decide to stay with my Eee PC 900 and my original gateway laptop which I used only twice a month.

    With those netbook experience, I found 701 is still a lovely little machine. It performs well for both speed and battery life. I gave it to my cousin as birthday gift.
    I will sell my Aspire one. The AO just not suitable for me although it is far more beautiful for design.

    Now I'm using my 900 to type this note

  • Marcos Miranda Says:

    In May 2008, I got the Eee PC 700 (2G Surf) model for my birthday. After two months of my experimentation work, I had determined that my Eee PC is *more useful* than my Compaq laptop, which I gave to my wife as a wedding present. As a result, I re-acquired my Compaq laptop and gave my Eee PC to my wife, whom uses it DAILY, for both home and office work.
    Here's what I did to the Eee PC 2G Surf that made it more useful than the more expensive and newer models:
    1. Tweaked up and customized the Windows XP OEM Installer, streamlining Service Pack 3, and removing the unneccesary junk from Microsoft.
    2. Adding a 4GB SDRAM card into the slot. Configured Windows XP to use it as a 2nd hard drive and exclusively for programs and data.
    3. Finished product has Windows XP SP3, Office 2003 Professional, Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3, WinAmp, Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. 220MB Free in Drive C and 3GB Free in Drive E.
    The Eee PC's Wi-Fi system is configured to use my WPA network and my wife's office WPA network.
    Also, I added a 160GB USB Hard Drive which is normally being used about 10% of the time as the current Eee PC configuration is very satisfactory, not only to my business standards, but also with my wife's office' standards.
    IBM iSeries Server software is installed on Drive C and configured to work, effeciently, in my wife's office.
    Ok, where am I? I'm living in Manila, Philippines. Originally, I was living in Seattle, Washington, USA, and have used my extensive US-trained computer skills to make the 2G Surf Eee PC much more useful than a much more powerful, Compaq Laptop.
    The Keyword here is, USEFUL. I'm considered as "Old School" by other computer technicians. To me, computers are TOOLS, not Entertainment Systems.
    As I've realized, MOST people that are no longer using their Eee PCs LACK skills to make their Eee PC useful and/or too lazy to have someone else make their Eee PC useful OR they intended the EeePC to be a gaming system. The survey in this post proves what 60% of EeePC owners lack.
    Too many people purchased the EeePC as a "novelty", while 95% of those purposely lack knowledge on how to make their EeePC purchase useful to them.
    A previous poster here mentioned about a MacBook making their EeePC an extinct animal, but they failed to understand that their new MacBook makes a great Network Server for their dust-collecting EeePC.
    On a final note... Before I gave my EeePC to my wife, I had it (EeePC) running Fedora Linux *better* than the same OS (Fedora Linux) running on the more powerful Compaq Laptop. Where Asus' Linux promotion failed, I picked up, but now, I live in a country (Philippines) where Windows XP Gaming is priority of usefulness.
    Those with dust-collecting EeePC's are welcomed to send to me as a Christmas Gift... Just Joking! Have a nice day, everybody!

  • Lisala Says:

    I love my pink 701. It's the 2g model and I have not tweaked it. I use it at least three times a day if not more. It's my primary stereo as well, and I only use my desktop to work on my website. Given that I understood the shortcomings before I bought it, I still love the thing and only wish the space bar worked better; if you don't hit it the correct way there's no spaces in the typed text. I'd still recommend this machine to anyone who wasn't too picky and likes novelty.

  • Marie Says:

    I got mine primarily for tucking in my purse to take notes in meetings and when I travel. It works well for this purpose.

    My biggest complaint is that the battery doesn't last longer and it doesn't have bluetooth to transfer data more easily. So, I do lust after the eee 901...

    I did finally get a mouse which makes it much nicer to use as the touchpad was a PITA.

    As for the Windows vs Linux issues, I have Windows, Mac, and this one Linux and don't find it to be too much of a problme to convert files as needed. It is much more trouble to convert between versions of Windows office, to be honest.

  • randy Says:

    My EEE has overclocked bios(900mhz) 1 gb ram 701, use a 4sdhc sd card and run tiny wndows xp sp3. Also added external antenna connector. Run Backtrack 3 final. The internal atheros card injects packets. So for me its double use xp ,backtrack and i can Break wep,wpa and wpa2. When the occasion arises. I shut off page swap to o because i have enough memory. With tiny xp 09 sp3,Windows is very quick. Its faster than my Dell inspiron 2.0g pentium m 768 memory. Its 10 inch notebook, I t also has a external mod. I use a 1watt ampand 12db antenna. The newer EEE wifi cards cant inject. I bought a adapter that makes a external hard drive or cd or dvd player work with a usb plug in for 47.95 OFF EBAY. iTS BETTER THAN BUYING A EXTERNAL DVD. on xp i use eectl so i can adjust the fan on the EEE. on the Dell i use I8kfan. any questions about this setup or how tos ll be happy to help.
    Thanks for listening..So bottom line i still use mine. LOL

  • Leah Q Says:

    Despite my serious gadget envy for all the 9" models currently out there - if I won the lottery I would definitely buy one - I'm having a fine time with my 7" Eee. I'm still the envy of several people a day, I love how positively light it is, and it's just less unwieldy of a laptop to bring to bed. I surf the net, take notes in class, fiddle with system settings, and read books on it. I'm quite attached to it by now. My main laptop often sits ignored in favour of my little one these days!

    With all the tweaks I have, my machine has become better all the time. Overclocking, battery optimising, visual styles, ability to change resolution, nLited XP, Office 2003 and all the fancy touchpad motions my heart could desire have a way of soothing my gripes about my Eee. I've even installed The Sims Pet Stories on it.

    Also, it's pink, and I haven't seen any pink 90x models yet. I am not about to give up the pink just as all my gadgets are syncing up colour-wise.

  • Matthew Says:

    The 701 was great when it first came out, but it soon lost it's appeal to me as I moved up to the 901. Now my 701 takes over the top of the pile in my storage room with my IBM with Windows 3.1, Portable 8-Track Tape Player, and collection of 8 Track Tapes.

  • Says:

    For me, i still using for daily use. cant afford to switch it to another model... :p , still focusing getting a job first. overall i love this thing except for damn small display.. But when i get some money... maybe i want to switch to another, BIGGER display hehehe, and maybe some processor power using atom..

  • Bruce Cushman Says:

    I would love to say I use my 701 every day but I have never seen it operate. I purchased a non-functioning 701 4G off of EBay for a very good price with the thought of repairing it for fun. The 701 was like new in the box and even still had the protective plastic on the screen. I have been a computer/network technician for 20 years and have yet to see a box I couldn't fix. That is until I bought this ASUS piece of unsupported hardware.

    I have always used, repaired and supported ASUS hardware, motherboards and the like and was surprised to find out that I could not get parts for the Eee PC 701 until it was a year old. ASUS sells all of the parts in the UK at the ASUS-EU website but will not sell the same parts in the good old USA. With shipping and taxes, the cost was more than a newer unit would cost so my cute little Eee PC sits in a box in pieces until such time as ASUS-USA decides to sell me the parts required to repair it. Pitty the poor modder who slipped with the screw driver and saw that terrible little puff of smoke representing his investment(and aspirations of glory) rising up into the halogen lit confines of his secret laboratory (bedroom). No help from ASUS if your American, only European.

    I was planning on using the 701 to control my electronic home. I'll get back with my review if and when I ever get access to repair parts. I guess ASUS is too busy making new models to support the one's they have sold.

  • Londres Says:

    excellent machine got mine as soon as they were released in the uk, still use it every day.

  • Christian Says:

    I used mine every day for basic web surfing and email tasks as well as some Excel and Powerpoint access. The small screen and the tiny keys finally did me in and i purchased the HP Mini Note this week. What a difference!

  • Tony Cipriani Says:

    The EEEpc701 was bought primarily as a travel machine. It still lives up to that brief. The disadvantages have always been there BUT as a (tertiary)machine I can use and take on trips without minding (too much) if it gets broken/lost or stolen, it's still perfect. Whilst I may occasionally suffer from a bout of gadget envy I'll probably keep it for as long as it lasts.

  • Ian Nock Says:

    Yep, still using it because it is small and light - as a notetaker, a browser, as full machine when I want to run light. I like to get my use out of something I bought as well.

    How can I keep going with it?

    1. Installed XP.
    2. Installed 8GB SDHC.
    3. Fiddled with the display settings and XP to give me more screen real estate in the 800x600 extended mode.
    4. Got myself a 6600mAh battery to give me a four to five hour battery life.
    5. Use nice software to make sure that I can switch between my multiple machines whenever I want.

    It would be nice to get a new Atom processor beast, but most are too expensive once you include the battery life I want, and I will wait for another couple of months for that more perfect machine to become available.

  • Baz Says:

    My 701 remains my portable computer, sitting in a shoulder bag at the front door for use when I want it. It has also functioned as my primary computer on two long'ish trips away. For what its capable of, it does it well enough. And it still garners interest from others whenever I pull it out.

    That said, ASUS has failed miserably at dealing with software/hardware issues that have been reported by users since its inception, while its library of updates, patches and upgrades (available via Synaptic or apt-get) is thin on the ground for their OS and, more often than not, cause more trouble than they're worth - if they install at all. Not a great introduction to Linux as its default OS.
    Moreover, ASUS seems more determined to pump out a new Eee every couple of weeks (at increased cost) rather than honour that 'sweet spot' of cost/value that made the 701 so popular initially. Acer now sports a range of netbooks priced at or under the 701's original $399 (with significantly better specs). while others like MSI, HP, Lenovo and Dell can't be all that far behind.

    My 701 is fine, but there are cheaper, more functional devices out there now. Will I upgrade to something else? Possibly - and it might even replace both my primary and Eee computer....

  • novazli Says:

    i sold my 701 eee pc after 10" netbook display released

  • JonGl Says:

    I'm answering for my wife, because it's her eee, and she's the one that uses it. Just this weekend, I asked her if, since seeing my new Wind, she was still satisfied with her 7" eee. She said she's still very happy with it. It's now her main computer. Her PowerBook sits at the back of her desk, and off most of the time. She likes its "pursability" and portability, as well as its quietness and simple interface. I don't think I could convince her to switch to my Wind!

    So, there are some people still very happy with their eees.


  • Michael Says:

    I use mine every day. It's more of a secondary computer for me while I'm at home. It runs a MythTV frontend flawlessly, so it's like having a portable DVD player around the house that plays live TV.

    Now, that's not to say I don't want to buy something else already. I honestly didn't see this netbook revolution coming so quickly, and I'm looking at the Aspire One and at Dell's upcoming offering as well. The 7" screen... not that great for coding on the go (keyboard I have no trouble with). All these 9" screen devices are perfect for me, I just want to wait and see so I don't get hit as hard by early adopter's regret this time around.

  • richhess Says:

    I still use mine daily. Its the perfect machine to carry around with me. My laptop is only a 12 in, but it serves as my primary PC. While very light and easy to carry, disconnecting it from all the peripherals is a pain (no dock for my model). The Eee PC, can be packed and ready to go in an instant, allows me to carry a fully functional PC where ever I go. While it hasn't replaced my PC/laptop, I barely carry it anymore unless I need the power or functionality of my full size laptop.

  • James Diaz Says:

    i still use my 701, now I have modified mine to include a built in hsdpa module with a touch screen. I bought a bigger battery and use sd cards and cloud space for my daily work. Overall im happy with my purchase.Will I move up to a different to a netbook? Maybe depends if i can modify it. : )

  • seamonkey420 Says:

    i sold mine about 2 months after getting it.. just recently got an MSI Wind 3cell and love it.. :P bigger screen and keyboard = what the original eee lacked.

    only downfall is that i voided my warranty on day1 by upgrading ram and harddrive.

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