Samsung's Limited-Edition Series 9 Laptops are Crystal-Studded

Things are calming down for Samsung here at IFA, with the onslaught of product announcements behind the company. While it was largely overlooked following the unveiling of the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Series 7 PC Slate, and more, there's still another Samsung product to look forward to. If you're into crystals.

Samsung will be selling limited-edition versions of its Series 9 ultra-thin notebook that come blitzed out with rhinestones. The limited-edition versions will be available in Luxury Rose Gold (more bronze-y if you ask us) and Moonlight Blue, and they're set to launch in time for the Christmas shopping season. The exec on hand at yesterday's press conference could not confirm if the crystals are from Swarovski, and we're guessing they're not.

Apart from the glittery design, these Series 9s don't have any spec tweaks. It's just a glitzy twist on Samsung's 13-incher.

LAPTOP Staff Writer