Samsung Series 9 Unboxing: This is What $1,649 Buys You

The delivery angels just dropped off our Samsung Series 9 notebook, and, like the laptop itself, it comes in some sexy packaging. For those unfamiliar with the Series 9, this luxurious ultraportable ($1,649), is made of duralumin for a slim but sturdy design. You also get a fast second-gen Core i5 processor, a superbright display, a backlit keyboard, and a 128 GB SSD. We don't normally do unboxings, but as you'll see this notebook is special. The box the Series 9 comes in has a soft-touch feel to it, and is broken up only by a faint Samsung logo in the middle, and another strip that looks like brushed aluminum. 

The Series 9 box opens to reveal the a protective cover for the notebook and its accessories.

Out comes the Series 9 notebook, which measures .62 to .64 inches thick and weighs 2.88 pounds with the standard battery.

The documentation and install CDs.

The power cord. We wish it wasn't a wall wart, but it still looks as stylish as the notebook.

The Ethernet adapter connects to a very small port on the chassis.

And here's the whole package. (We dig the Series 9's curves.) Stay tuned for our full review, as well as hands-on videos.

LAPTOP Reviews Editor