Samsung Series 9 Unboxing: This is What $1,649 Buys You

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The delivery angels just dropped off our Samsung Series 9 notebook, and, like the laptop itself, it comes in some sexy packaging. For those unfamiliar with the Series 9, this luxurious ultraportable ($1,649), is made of duralumin for a slim but sturdy design. You also get a fast second-gen Core i5 processor, a superbright display, a backlit keyboard, and a 128 GB SSD. We don't normally do unboxings, but as you'll see this notebook is special. The box the Series 9 comes in has a soft-touch feel to it, and is broken up only by a faint Samsung logo in the middle, and another strip that looks like brushed aluminum.  Click through to see the reveal. Click through to see the reveal.

The Series 9 box opens to reveal the a protective cover for the notebook and its accessories.

Out comes the Series 9 notebook, which measures .62 to .64 inches thick and weighs 2.88 pounds with the standard battery.

The documentation and install CDs.

The power cord. We wish it wasn't a wall wart, but it still looks as stylish as the notebook.

The Ethernet adapter connects to a very small port on the chassis.

And here's the whole package. (We dig the Series 9's curves.) Stay tuned for our full review, as well as hands-on videos.

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  • apSA@AS.ED Says:

    yes, please post a link to some accessories.

    Samsung doesnt even have a easy to find accessories link for the series 9.

    I want a mouse, the ability to use HDMI (bc the port on the laptop is a micro-hdmi one), case, sleeve, ect.
    all by samsung with this products use in mind. or how bout some real bluetooth 3.0 products. common samsung support this product.

    does anyone have any advice to change settings with mouse pad configurations. I cannot get it to stop moving when i let my thumb off of it from moving or stopping the cursor.

    for ex. i usually have my right index finger on the trackpad with my thumb on the select button. on this track pad there is no separate space from the pad and the right and left click buttons. so when ever i lift my thumb off the cursor moves. i have played with settings to no resolve.

  • Janette Toral Says:

    Just got my Series 9 and realized that there is no VGA adapter included and now looking for it. Are there 3rd party VGA adapters that can work with this one?

  • Jeremy Says:

    I just received this laptop, and while it's nice, just try and find accessories for it. Trying to find Samsung accessories for this laptop is maddening. How about an option to buy a second AC adapter, or a spare LAN adapter, or the VGA adapter all listed as optional accessories in the quick start guide. How about just the part numbers? Accessores page for this laptop list three items, nothing of use. Laptop is nice, but these are all items you'll probably want if you purchase this laptop.

  • Ahmad Says:

    i wish its video not just images :-P

  • Mike Prospero Says:

    They're actually recovery CDs, but good point - you'd need an external drive to use them.

  • david stillwell Says:

    What are you supposed to do with the "install CDs"?

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