Samsung NF Series Netbooks Tout Shark Fin Design and Dual-Core Atom Processors

Samsung netbooks have always been a successful marriage of portability and price.

The $349 Samsung N150 Plus we reviewed earlier this year was no exception and now, the company strikes again with the NF series, a new line of 10.1-inch netbooks that will soon pack dual-core Intel CPUs and come with an eye-catching shark fin design that traces the bottom portion of the chassis.

What about the N150? Well, rather than phase out its production, Samsung is updating the popular 10.1-inch netbook with new black and matte exteriors as well the same  dual-core CPU that will help push the battery longevity of some NF branded notebooks into the 14-hour bracket.

The NF210 will be the line's first offering and it's not very tricked out in the specs department. When the 11 x 7 x 1-inch notebook lands later this month, it'll offer a 1024 x 600 resolution, 250GB hard drive, 1GB of included RAM (and a 2GB cap), integrated graphics, and Windows 7 Starter, all for the attractive and familiar price of $379.

The NF210 will also sport an Intel Atom N455 processor, which, these days,  has become fairly de rigueur in the netbook market.

On the other hand, the NF310, expected to debut in October for $399, will pack Intel's first multi-core Atom processor. The new CPUs are expected to raise performance (at least marginally), lengthen battery life, and support DDR4 memory, so to see the chips shipping in new netbooks is an exciting proposition.

Not many details on the NF310 are available save 1GB of DDR4 RAM and Windows 7 Starter.

Samsung tells us the NF210 will ship exclusively from Sam's Club stores, so get your member cards ready, shoppers!

Look for the updated, dual-core Samsung N150 and NF310 to drop in October and steal a better peak of the Samsung NF series in the gallery below.

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