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Rumor: Google Play Store Getting Redesigned

Google's Play store may be getting ready for a facelift. According to Droid Life, the store's new look will be much cleaner and brighter than the current Play store, which has a far more cramped dim feel. The store's alleged home screen appears to put a greater emphasis on thumbnail images.

The revision also appears to give the store's categories (Apps, Movies and TV, Games, Music, Books and Magazines) a more prominent view at the top of the screen.The My Apps, page makes it far easier to view your installed apps, giving each app a larger amount of screen real estate so they are easily readable at a glance. The Magazines and Books home pages also get more pleasing layouts, with prices clearly visible below a thumbnail of the cover image.

In general, alleged changes to the Play store give it a far more approachable and user-friendly design. The current Google Play store has an almost claustrophobic feel. Images are packed too tightly together and featured sections that throw too many options at you at once. If DroidLife's images truly are a preview of what Google is cooking up for its Play store, the search giant may finally give Android users the mobile store they deserve.

via: DroidLife