Too Big? Galaxy Note 3 Screen Size Allegedly Confirmed at 5.9 Inches

And you thought the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 was big. Persistent rumors have suggested that the Galaxy Note 3 will sport a positively huge 5.9-inch display. Now an executive from one of Samsung’s primary components suppliers has apparently confirmed this information.

This news comes from The Korea Times, which also reported that the same source confirmed a United States launch for the Galaxy Note 2's successor. At this point, the Note 3 is rumored to feature a 1920 x 1080-pixel display and an octa-core processor, but this has yet to be confirmed by Samsung.

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Recent speculation about the Note 3’s 5.9-inch display contradicts previous rumors indicating that the next big “phablet” could feature a 6.3-inch screen. That would make the new Note bigger than any other smartphone on the market. The Huawei Ascend Mate boasts a 6.1-inch display.

Following the Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiling earlier this month, the company posted advertisements for its new GamePad accessory catered to fit devices with a 6.3-inch screen. Samsung doesn’t currently make any phones that large in size, sparking suspicion that the company plans to launch a massive 6.3-inch next-generation Galaxy Note. 

via The Korea Times, Sam Mobile

Lisa Eadicicco
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