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Ruggedized Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro Recharges Gadgets, Withstands the Elements

LAS VEGAS -- Gadget-chargers have been everywhere this CES--and we can't complain. Nothing tests a device's mettle like a full day of blogging, photographing, texting and emailing like crazy. And while we've seen plenty of devices for rejuicing your tech, not all of them offer the ruggedized protection of Mophie's new Juice Pack Powerstation Pro.

This external battery features a USB and microUSB port for recharging your mobile gear, and it's IP 65-certified to withstand dirt, sand, water and other potentially harmful elements. The USB ports are water-tight and sealed for safe keeping, and the whole package comes in a sturdy rubber housing.

The Juice Pack Powerstation Pro can switch between 500mAH, 1AH and 2.1A charge rates. The total amount of power is a whopping 6,000mAH. No word on pricing yet, but the power pack has been hyped here in Vegas and we imagine its release is soon to come.