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RIM BBX Phones to Sport PlayBook-like Screens

Along with a redesigned operating system, RIM will be introducing a new BlackBerry that's a bold departure from previous devices. New Blackberrys running BBX will have the same screen aspect ratio (16:9) and resolution (1024 x 600) as the PlayBook, according to PCMag. This will allow apps written for RIM's tablet to also work on its smartphones,  said Alec Saunders, RIM’s vice president of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development. 

In all likelihood, this means that the new BBX phones will ditch the classic physical keyboard and small screen that has come to define its current generation of Bold smartphones. To be sure, RIM has released all-touchscreen devices, namely the Storm and the Torch 9850, to limited success. The PlayBook has met with poor reviews and sales as well; Saunders said that the next update to the PlayBook operating system, due in February 2012, would address some of its issues, adding a native e-mail app and Android app support.  

via PCMag