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Report: Google Developing Glasses with Built-in Display and GPS

Apple's foray into wearable tech may be taking the form of bracelet-style iPod nanos, but 9to5Google reports that the company behind Android is taking a different tack, developing literal Google Goggles: glasses with built-in displays.

Sources say that Google has already created prototypes of glasses embedded with a heads-up computer interface. Unlike Apple's rumored "iBangle," Google's device isn't a peripheral meant to interact with a user's smartphone; instead, it connects directly to the cloud via IP.

9to5Google's sources also indicated that these glasses will tie into the company's location services, so users wearing the glasses could see relevant information related appear before their eyes on the built-in screen. In other words: Expect Android and GPS on board.

Unsurprisingly, there's no word yet about a timeline for public release, but Google co-founder Sergey Brin is reportedly actively involved in this Google X Lab project. All of this makes us wonder, could 2012 be the year of the wearable gadget?

via 9to5Google