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Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with SRS Audio Runs Modern Combat 3 on Tablets

Qualcomm, like Nvidia with the Tegra 3, was demoing the power of its quad-core chip, the Snapdragon S4, at Mobile World Congress this week. And while the CPU manufacturer was quick to point out that four cores are not necessarily better than two, it did show how all those cores can enhance mobile gameplay in graphically intense titles, such as Modern Combat 3, as seen in the demo below.

The S4 was running the multiplayer on some reference design tablets, and Qualcomm had the action displayed on a big screen to showcase its chip's graphics power. But it wasn't just crisp visuals and fast frame rates; SRS audio technology built directly onto the S4 chip provides a sound boost that you can hopefully hear above the din of booth visitors in the background.