How to Prevent Steam From Auto-Updating Games

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Steam by default updates your games when it detects an internet connection. Generally, this works perfectly as the updates download in the background without you having to manually check updates.

steam main menu

However, if you are on a patchy internet connection or your connection is metered, you might want to have better control over what is downloaded when. 

How to disable auto-updating games on Steam

  1. From the taskbar, type Steam in the Cortana search box. If you’ve previously disabled the search field on the Desktop, you can get there by clicking the Start menu and typing it in there.

    windows 10 search box


  2. Select Steam, under Best Match.
    open steam desktop app


  3. Click LIBRARY on the menu bar. It’s at the top, wedged between the Store and Community links.
    press on library at the top of steam


  4. Right click on the game for which you want to stop auto-updates.
    select the game you want to pause updates for


  5. Click Properties at the bottom of the list.
    right click and press properties


  6. Click UPDATES from the top menu.
    click updates from the top tabs


  7. Open the dropdown menu under Automatic updates.
    open the dropdown menu


  8. Select Only update this game when I launch it.
    press only update this game when I launch it


  9. Click CLOSE.
    select close

Credit: Steam