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Postcard on the Run Hands-on Video: Color Us Impressed

Postcard on the Run reminds us that there's nothing like a real photo you can hold in your hand or stick on the fridge. Instead of just sending your pics to the cloud, this clever app lets you design a physical postcard from an iPhone or Android device in a few easy steps. Just select a photo, choose the recipients (you can create groups), and add your personal message. Then just scribble your personal signature right on the screen and make your payment.

Check out the video and gallery below to see why we love this app.

During a quick hands-on demo, we liked that Postcard on the Run lets us crop our image and choose from a list of fonts and colors. But the coolest feature is Postal Gopher. If you have a person's email address but not their mailing address, the app will send an automated request to the recipient asking for the missing info. The recipient then has 48 hours to respond before the message expires. 

Postcard on the Run also lets you include a GPS-enabled photo of the exact location you are sending the card from. Since we were in the San Diego Convention Center, selecting the option pulled up a photo from Postcard on the Run's database. It's a cool feature that would be really fun to use around vacation hotspots or other famous attractions. 

Once you're finished creating the postcard, you can preview it and confirm the design. The app then brings you to a checkout screen, where you enter your credit card information, and the card is sent. It usually takes anywhere from four to seven days for a card to reach your recipient (s).

Whereras Apple's Cards app costs you $2.99 to send a greeting card, Postcard on the Run costs $.99 to $1.69, depending on how many cards you're sending. Then there's the fact that Cards is only available for iOS, while Postcard on the Run is available for both iOS and Android. Apple's cards are actual cards, which makes it a better choice for greeting cards, but Postcard on the Run is looking at other types of printing options.

Postcard on the Run says it has a lot more features in store for its app, including scented cards, which should be available as an option within a few weeks. Check out our hand- on video and photo gallery below.