How to Combine Your Photos to Create Windows 10 'Memories' Videos

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Microsoft took awhile to catch up with Google and Apple on this front, but its new and improved Photos app finally adds the ability to create your own slideshows using artificial intelligence to seamlessly blend your photos with a musical backing.

hero copyTo create the slideshows, it’s as simple as adding photos to an album and playing around with the Remix feature until you come up with something you like.

Unfortunately, Windows still doesn’t do this automatically… yet.

1. Open Photos. <open.png>

open copy2. Find the Create icon at the top of the page, and click it. <click-create.png>

click-create copy3. Choose Album from the dropdown menu. <album.png>

album copy4. In the top right corner of each picture, you’ll notice a box. Check that box for each image you want to add to the slideshow. <box.png>

box5. Click Add. <add.png>

add copy6. To watch your video, or edit it using Microsoft’s AI to create something new, press Watch. If you’d prefer to edit the Memory manually, press Edit. <watch-edit.png>

watch-edit copy7. If you chose the AI route, you can click the Remix it for me button if you’re unhappy with Microsoft’s first try. You can do this as many times as you’d like until you’re happy with it. <remix.png>

close copy8. When you’re happy with the results, click the close button. <close.png>

close copy9. From here, you can rename the album by clicking on the text New Album and typing whatever you’d like. <name.png>

name copy10. To finish, share the album by clicking the Share button, or just close the window. It’ll save the work for you automatically. <share.png>

share copy