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Parallel JS Promises Faster, More Fluid Browser Apps

If there's a theme to Intel's Developer Forum, it would probably be "Make it faster. Now." On day three of the IDF, the keynote is primarily focused on future technologies such as power-sipping processors and multi-core processors with up to 10 cores. However, there was one technology demonstrated that is available today, Parallel Extensions for JavaScript, code-named River Trail.

It was introduced to developers as an extension to JavaScript that will allow them to write web applications that take advantage of multi-core processing and vector extensions. Writers of web apps that use Java will be able to take advantage of this new technology to make their programs run faster and more smoothly. Translated: It'll be a lot easier to edit photos within your web browser, and frame rates will increase on browser-based games.

While the promise of moving even more applications to the browser is exciting, this extension is still a prototype right now. So we won't see those faster frame rates until developers start including it in their programming. In the meantime, here's video of it in action.