Only Losers Don't Carry an iPhone. Yes, You.

You know who you are. You try to make your BlackBerry Curve look hipper by hiding it in a Bedazzled case. And when you're out a restaurant or bar, when everyone else is comparing their wicked cool iPhone apps, you fire up App World--only to be reminded that Ticketmaster won't earn you all that much street cred. You just don't get it. Man, you might as well put that thing back in its holster and go home.

'Tis the sorry state for anyone who doesn't own an iPhone. Sure, there are plenty of other good new devices out there, like the Palm Pre (provided yours doesn't have any defects) and the sleek BlackBerry Tour. And, unlike the iPhone, both of the above Editors' Choice Award-winning handsets have phsyical keyboards and can multitask. But neither of these smart phones are real conversation starters.

Why? That's because their app stores are weak. I mean, after you're done shuffling cards on the Pre's interface or showing off your backlit keys on the Tour, what's left to talk about? These days apps are social currency, and if you don't have a vast array to choose from, you might as well be a mute.

And don't get me started on that new Verizon commercial. You know, the one where they try to convince you that the carrier has a ton of cool apps like Twitter and Need for Speed for the LG enV Touch. I'm sorry, but these apps aren't even in the same league as what you'll find on everyday smart phones, nevermind the iPhone.

So what does this all mean? Are you uncool if you don't have an iPhone? Absolutely. I hope you can live with yourself.

Mark Spoonauer
Responsible for the editorial vision for, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc.