Notebook Reliability Study Ranks Apple Best, Dell and HP Worst

Today, you'll see more laptops than desktops being sold. Mobile needs are on the rise and laptops are becoming just as powerful as their desktop counterparts. In fact, a recent survey, conducted by PC World notes that laptops are also becoming more reliable. They certainly have to be in order to meet the needs of today's rapidly growing groups of web and mobile workers.

25.9 percent of respondents to the R&S survey by PC World report experiencing at least one significant problem with their notebooks in the past year. This is down from 30.9 percent last year and 31.8 percent two years ago. While not a huge drop, the declining percentage says a lot about laptop reliability and a possible increase in technical knowledge from a user standpoint.  Unsurprisingly, results ranked Apple laptops at the top of quality assembly, with ASUS a close second.

Results for popular brands HP and Dell were dismal. Both placed ranked at the very bottom of the polling results for reliability and service. In an interesting twist, business customers of Dell laptops rated their service support much higher than home/consumer users while HP business customers noted better reliability in their laptops.

Check out the PC World article for more details on how 13 laptop makers were rated in reliability and service. The chart could be a good reference for shopping this holiday season.

via PC World