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Nokia’s Rumored 6-Inch Phablet May Arrive in Q4 2013

Android has been on a roll when it comes to the phablet craze, but it looks like we may be seeing a big-screened Windows Phone this year too. More rumors surrounding Nokia’s alleged phablet have hit the Web, indicating that the hybrid handset may launch in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The device is expected to fall in the £400 to £500 price range, about $622 and $777 respectively. The news comes from UK technology website Mobile Magazine, which also reports that the phablet will come with a 6-inch display.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hasn’t commented on these rumors, but has said that the company is experimenting with “broader form factors and different things that we can do,” Mobile Magazine reported.

This is just one of few Windows Phone 8 devices Nokia is rumored to unveil this year. The Finnish company is expected to launch a smartphone with a high-end PureView camera and a quad-core chipset as well as a thin and light aluminum-crafted Lumia device nicknamed “Catwalk.”

Nokia hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but after its most recent earnings report Elop said it’s looking to partner with a US operator exclusively for a forthcoming flagship smartphone. 

via Mobile Magazine