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Nokia Hypes New Lumia Phone in Teaser Trailer

Nokia is just hours away from its big Nokia event in London and the company is still working to build up hype for its big event. In a teaser trailer that aired on British TV, Nokia showed off a seductive glimpse of a new phone with the words "More than your eye can see," followed by "The new Nokia Lumia is coming."

The ad copy focuses on sight and the video footage shows closeups of the camera, hinting that the new Nokia may capture even higher quality images than previous Lumia phones. However, the rumor is that Nokia will be announcing numerous Lumia phones at its London event, including a 41-megapixel Windows Phone, the same resolution as the previous Nokia 808 PureView smartphone.

The teaser reveals a dual-flash setup and a camera that protrudes slightly from the camera body. The phone in the video appears to be aluminum  but it's impossible to tell from the short clip and extreme closeup shots. will be in London covering the event, so check back for more details if you're itching to see what Nokia will be announcing tomorrow.

Via Engadget and The Verge