Nokia Lumia 950 Prototype Image Leaked

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Nokia Lumia 950

Could this be the first photo of the Nokia Lumia 950? According to Windows Phone Central, the answer is a tentative maybe. The image could potentially be an empty model and has yet to be verified. A quick glance at the device shows the company taking a step back from the colored, rounded thickness we've seen in current Lumias, going with a thinner, boxier frame.

The phone is supposed to be a throwback to the Nokia N95, focusing more on long battery life than flashy features. Alleged specs include a 1280 x 768-pixel AMOLED display and 2GB of RAM. The phone will have an upgraded camera with "lossless zoom," Xenon flash and the low-light performance that's a standout feature in the Lumia 920.

As tantalizing as the alleged image and specs are, questions concerning OS, camera specs and storage have yet to be answered.

via Windows Phone Central

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  • Igor Says:

    Not good if it is not coming with Full HD display. It must have it! Although, 2GB RAM is a excellent thing.
    I hope the display will come with Full HD. :)

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