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Nokia Lumia 929 Rumored for November Debut on Verizon

Credit: @evleaks

Nokia may add another flagship to its line of Lumia devices come next month. In addition to rumors that the Finnish manufacturer will launch a Windows Phone 8-based phablet, Nokia may also  release a new 5-inch Lumia 929 handset.

The 929 will allegedly sport a 1080p display and is expected to cost $500 off- contract, which could translate to a $99 subsidized price tag with a two-year contract. According to Windows Phone news blog WPCentral, the Lumia 929 should hit Verizon on November 6 and may come in black and white color options.  Like it’s larger-sized sibling, the rumored 6-inch Lumia 1520, the 929 is said to come with a 20-megapixel main camera. 

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These are two of the several devices Nokia is rumored to unveil this month. The company could launch up to six gadgets at its upcoming event in Abu Dhabi on October 22, which may include a slew of smartphones and a Windows RT-based tablet. Sources familiar with Nokia’s roadmap told The Verge that a new range of accessories could also debut at the event later this month. Renowned Twitter leakster @evleaks, which has proven correct in the past, predicts that Nokia will launch devices with the model numbers 2520, 1520, 525, 503, 502 and 500, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

While Nokia gears up to release new smartphones, Microsoft is reportedly readying a significant Windows Phone "Blue" update that will bring support for 1080p displays, an improved notification center, and changes to native Windows Phone 8 apps.

via WPCentral and @Evleaks