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Nokia Lumia 925 Headed to AT&T Sept. 13

AT&T customers hoping to get their mitts on the highly-praised Nokia Lumia 925 are in luck. Just a month after the Lumia 925 hit shelves, AT&T announced that it will begin carrying the popular Windows Phone starting Sept. 13 for $99.

Previously a T-Mobile exclusive, the Lumia 925 first launched in July with a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ screen and a stunning 8.7-MP camera designed to work well in low-light environments. The 925 has a bevy of photography features, including Smart Camera mode for action shots and Optical Image Stabilization for extra photo clarity. The device runs on the Windows Phone 8 OS with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 1GB of RAM, and has a variety of Windows Phone-exclusive apps such as Microsoft Office and SkyDrive. We praised the T-Mobile Lumia 925 in our review for its attractive design, sharp AMOLED screen, and powerful camera, which AT&T customers will be able to take advantage of when it launches for the carrier in a few weeks. 

The smartphone's $99 price point includes a two-year service contract. Pre-orders for the AT&T Lumia 925 will be available on the carrier's website starting August 28, and shoppers can purchase the device at retail stores starting Sept. 13.