Nokia Lumia 920 Wins Smartphone Madness 2013

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You have spoken. The Nokia Lumia 920 is the champion of LAPTOP's 4th annual Smartphone Madness. 

The Windows Phone 8 powered device was an early favorite in this competition, enjoying the same kind of fan support that propelled the Nokia Lumia 900 to take the prize for the 2012 competition. We also deemed the Lumia 920 an Editors' Choice winning, 4-star product. We praised the device for its slick and colorful exterior, a fantastic 8.7-MP camera, the 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ screen and integrated wireless charging.

Nokia Lumia 920 wins Smartphone Madness 2013Nokia also added some helpful preloaded apps. For instance, the Nokia City lens is an augmented reality app that lets you find local attractions. A combination of Microsoft Music, Pandora and Gigbeat, Nokia Music is a free service that not only lets you search for, stream and download music, but helps you find where artists are playing locally. And Nokia Drive+ is the company's car navigation app that can work without a data connection. 

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To get to the finals, the Windows Phone fans and Nokia army crushed the competition, starting with the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 for which it took 98 percent of the vote. That was followed by the 93 percent vote win over the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4. The Nokia Lumia 920 also defeated the HTC One with 83 percent of the vote. But it was the BlackBerry Z10 in the finals that gave the Lumia the biggest run for its money. The Crackberry Nation showed up in droves, but were still ultimately defeated by the Lumia 920. 

Congratulations and kudos to the Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 920!

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  • Ara Rodriguez Says:

    I just can say, Lumia 920 is the best over other smartphones. In many different situations I will always choose Lumia. I love it. Lumia 920 has great things. Totally recommended.

  • Arturo Barajas Says:

    With no doubt, the main reazon to get a Lumia 920 is for its maps system, the best and more precise in the market

  • Raul Says:

    I am very impressed and satisfied with my new lumia 920, why? specially because of the great camera that stabilizes every movement made by your hand while recording videos or taking pictures. another thing is that having windows 8 on a smartphone at least for me, has been a great improver on making my life easier, more organized. but the most important feature is definitly the free maps made by HERE, the best maps you can get, work offline, and work perfectly! dont waste more time trying to find a smartphone that fits your needs, here it is and its called Lumia 920.

  • Kars Says:

    Congratulations Nokia!! I have a Lumia 920 and I love it!! theirs apps are amazing! great software (Windows phone 8 ) Here maps without internet connection, just the best! Nokia it's your life!

  • Maricela Says:

    I'm really excited about my Nokia Lumia 920, it's a very good device, it has the best cam ever seen and overall the best navigation system, I couldn't interchange with other.

  • Luis Piña Says:

    I've been a Lumia 920 owner for 4 weeks now. t's an amazing phone, very good apps for photography, it takes excellent photos and HD video!, I can open and edit office documeents, keeping up to date in the social media, and the best of it all the here maps apps, find whatever you need wherever you are. Some cool stuff is that it has wireless chargin capabilities and gorilla glass screen. It would be the perfect phone if it had external memory slot and a longest battery life. I'm very happy with it so far.

  • Patricia Rocha Says:

    I have a Lumia 920 and I recomended this phone, have a great camera and the windows phone for me is the best system for phones, Here Maps and the rest of Here aplications helps to found ant point of interest or address ... its awesone and is the best option...

  • Mirna Sarmiento Says:

    My Nokia #Lumia920 is really amazing!! Its camera has PureView Technology with Optical Image Stabilisation which uses a floating lens that significantly reduces movement in videos and photos. The floating lens gives you incredibly clear photos and videos in any situation =) This is Lumia!! #ShowYourColours

  • Angel Lopez Says:

    My Nokia #Lumia920 has the best and the only Wireless charging
    you just place your device on the convenient charging plate
    and like magic, chargic begins.

  • Angel Lopez Says:

    Tha camara is the best and the apps for navigation like HERE Drive and City Lens are amazing

  • Christian perez Says:

    nokia to scored big with the lumia 920 apart from having a great phone Wondows 8 software has a great camera carl zeiss else mention this is the best of the market, Nokia was definitely earned my admiration with this great product on my scales this the maximum punctuation.

  • Yanet Says:

    My Lumia 920 it is absolutely perfect, great phone with fantastic camera :)

  • Mary Says:

    Well deserved !! :D

    I have a Lumia 920 and I'm really impressed about their apps.
    Navigation maps works offline which is great, Here Maps-Here Drive-Here Transit-Here City Lens
    I have 7Gb Skydrive storage included (besides the 32Gb internal)
    Wireless charging !
    With Nokia Music I can play FREE music without a subscription and download 12 hours of music offline.
    I really love my new smartphone ! :D

  • Yl Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 really is a great phone. I have been using one for a while now and am loving it more and more every day. Among other great features it has a superb camera. I was walking out one night and came across a beautiful scene of an illuminated church with a full moon behind it. I took a picture and was suprised to see how clear it was. I was expecting to get just a bright spot on a black background, but the picture ended up being unbelievably rich in colour and detail. Lumia 920 rocks!

  • amy Says:

    Nokia lumia is an amazing smartphones with the image stabilization, fast downloading and a very updated map. A unique function of nokia city lens and nokia drive, will help people to travel safely without any worries although they don't have internet connection in that area. Go lumia 920!!!

  • Someshwar Says:

    whoa!!! This phone ROCKS.... I've been using it for past few weeks and it feels amazing (AMAZING EVERYDAY). The camera quality is awesome with different lenses and the HERE Drive makes ones life's navigation more easy. OS gives you a different view and completely user friendly ....NOTE - USING ONCE ONCE WOULD TEMPT ONE TO BUY THE PHONE.....:P

  • Ionut Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 is absolutely unbelievable. Good job. The display and touch screen are awesome.

  • alka Says:

    i can't afford dis phone.....
    Bt i want dis phone......

  • kat Says:

    hey glad to read all these comments i had been reluctant in buying lumia 920 when i read on web that it lacks android apps like viber, and other calling apps, so i want to know if they are available on lumia now? if yes i would buy it soon happily as i have already loved it after viewing it and reading its specifications

  • Lol Says:

    400,000 sold in the U.S. LOL. I guess all the people that were saying they’ve never seen a lumia in person were right. Congrats on getting every single lumia owner in the world to vote in the poll though. That’s impressive at least.

  • Lee H Says:

    Congratulations to Nokia. I have a BBZ10 and a Nokia Lumia 920 and as one of the Blackberry loyal I just have to be honest and say the Lumia 920 is a far greater phone. I think the windows eco system is excellent and it is easy to use and the build quality and design of the Nokia is superb. I also have an apple 4s which is collecting dust and I will not ever use gimmicky android anything...Like any quality company you do not need to pack it with 2 bit gimmicks that do not mean anything and then never used. Nokia just really have got this right, and finally Microsoft should not of jumped ship with HTC, MSFT did screw up on that and I'm guessing they regretting that advert push as well, don't get me wrong the HTC is a nice phone but it is just not in the same league as the Lumia 920.

  • Kari Hanninen Says:

    Yes, Nokia LUMIA 920 is the best!!! Yes, I know it! Apple, Simsung and RIMM sucks my cock:)

  • dilshad Says:

    i own a nokia Lumia 920. Black.... Which works super smoothly... It is very very fast and gives a quick response... I its audio clarity is jst amazing... When i use my frnds s3 after using my Lumia 920. I just feel like throwing the s3.
    same happens to hen i use the galaxy grand... And some users say that 920 is bttr than s4.. I dnt know clearlly... But my mind says that 920 wins the race.....

  • Obadiah david Says:

    congratulations 2 nokia lumia. i love de design n its features doh i dnt own 1 cos i cant afford 1. can nokia create a platform 4 people like me 2 own 1?

  • Nicole Says:

    I have a lumia phone so im glad nokia won this..

    congrats nokia!

  • Philip Says:

    Congrats nokia! Nokia lumia 920 is always the phones is always the best is a legend,master of all smarthphones.i believe in Nokia!

  • Fachry Says:

    I own both phones. And I love both dearly for different reasons. The Lumia 920 definitely has the better hardware and built quality. Loving its funky colorful look and so many features that I love from the 920 especially the lowlight photography. Congrats Nokia! Kudos for Blackberry Z10 too!

  • del_x Says:

    The SmartPhone of the year Lumia 920 way to go Nokia awesome work with an amazing device truly the most innovative phone. Cant wait for the next iteration of the Lumia.
    Good fight by the BlackBerry fans!

  • Jan Says:

    LUMIA 920: Great phone with fantastic camera!!

  • Windows Phone! Says:

    Windows Phone! It's like Windows... for your phone!

  • Will Says:

    A real champion! Been using my Lumia 920 for about 2 weeks now and I love it! Very intuitive and awesome build. The Nokia apps especially "Here Drive" with offline navigation adds significant value to the phone. Coupled with a great camera (with motion/image stabilization) and reasonable price, how can anyone not like the Lumia 920? The phone's OS is just "refreshing" and I feel its the best Smartphone to date bar none. Try it out and see for yourself. :)

  • crackberry Says:

    are the blackberry trolls dead ??

  • Deraildoax Says:

    Interesting how all the winners of the March madness every year aren't the phones that sell a lot... Didn't the Pre win one year? I think I see a trend... Seems like the underdog platform always wins because all their fanboys turn out.

  • Jose Ramon Says:

    You can easily force the update to 7.8 using Zune, you can search in google for how to...

    Congratz Nokia, by a happy Lumia 800 user!

  • Alex Says:

    I have the lumia 900. I forced the 7.8 update and I am glad that I did. During my next upgrade i plan on getting whatever lumia is out. Maybe the lumia 10939802?

  • Alon Says:

    I am new to the Windows Phone experience, but I have learned to really like it. What most people don't know is the amount of interaction Nokia has with their customers. I know for a fact that it's Nokia's plus that draws people from picking other Windows Phones, but it has also made others from other os systems realize that they aren't getting as much care as maybe they could from their phone makers. That's why I voted for the 920, although it was a vote for Microsoft, it was more so a vote for Nokia.

  • gene Says:


  • FairPlay Says:

    LOL ! LOL !!! LOL !!!
    Really funny that a Winner did come out and justified as a Winner in that contest.
    It is clear that this contest had been trick out. Both finalist fans base were clearly mentioning how to cheat in that contest. If you read both fans comments ...they clearly mentioned how to cheat here. :)

    Now if you doubt, could you explain why there was a continuous 5000 votes difference bettween both finalist phone over about 2 days, with no real fluctuation. You could visualized the vote trending here (post #311)

    Now looking at the overall poll result How come iPhone and Samsung get so few votes here. How could typical poll votes counts were a lot less that what you have seen in the final?

    Now make you own mind out of that poll !!

    Game 1
    iPhone 5 : 83 votes
    PonePad : 111 votes

    BB Z10: 435 votes
    Xperia Z : 142 votes

    Nexus 4: 326 votes
    HTC Windows phone 8x: 55 votes

    LUMIA 920 : 3,111 VOTES
    Ideaphone K900: 71 votes

    BB Q10 : 586 votes
    HTC One: 935 votes

    Galaxy Note II: 110 votes
    Huawei Ascend P2 : 68 votes

    Game 7
    LG Optimus G: 105 votes
    ZTE Open: 23 votes

    Samsung S4: 383 votes
    Motorola RAZR Maxx HD : 132 votes

    Asus FonePad: 189 votes
    HTC One : 432 votes

    BB Z10: 2,308 votes
    Galaxy Note II : 1,172 votes

    Nexus 4: 415 votes
    LG Optimus G: 193 votes

    NOKIA LUMIA 920: 9,043 VOTES
    Samsung Galaxy S4: 586 votes

    Nexus 4 : 812 votes
    BB Z10 : 812 votes

    HTC one : 1,817 votes
    NOKIA LUMIA 920 : 8,788 VOTES
    NOKIA LUMIA 920: 27,726 VOTES
    BB Z10: 21,932 VOTES

    -So Lumia 920 (follow by BB Z10) votes count clearly outstand all typical votes per poll.
    -How could iPhone and Samsung received so few votes ???

  • steve Says:

    Dont fret John. Firefox os is on its way and I have high hopes for it. Choices will be numerous.

  • john Says:

    Congrats to both phones and OS. We need WP and BB to succeed. I don't want my only choices on smartphones to be between apple (ios) and google (android).

  • Julie Says:

    Lumia 920 deserves this win. I use a iphone5, but I've used my friends lumia 920 and it is ABSOLUTELY perfect. beautiful app tiles, wide color selection and most importantly for me, the quality camera.(I take lots of photos and usually take a casio TR150 with me, but the lumia 920 is almost on par with it) I wanted to trade phones with my friend, but she wouldn't let me!

  • Spiny Says:

    I own a Z10 therefore I've already won!

  • Thumper Says:

    Actually, they're both good devices, each with their own strengths. And weaknesses.

    I cut my teeth on computers with Z80, 8080 and 6502 microprocessors. Far far we've come! Isn't it great to carry in our pockets a powerful computing device that runs on batteries and has fast communications capabilities.

  • Bill Says:

    The BlackBerry Z10 took 44% so I'm proud of that. Considering it's a brand new phone and it made it this far with that many votes makes me believe it's got a solid future ahead of it.

    Congratulations to Nokia for the victory. :)

  • Johnny H Says:

    The only smartphone that can beat Nokia 920 is the next Nokia flagship phone.

  • Scott Says:

    I'll stick with my BlackBerry Z10. I'm not too keen on blue screens! :)

  • Fern Says:

    Lumia 920 have more 70% awards of mobile and design in the last years, where he participated. Lumia 920 is iPhone when S. Jobs was life.

  • MikadoWu Says:


    In All seriousness to ALL........ Use a Windows Phone with any Windows 8 device, tablet or desktop, and see the power.

    The Windows 8 Experience is really Awesome. Try it, use it........ You may be surprised.

    For Nokia, the 920 is my First Nokia Phone, all I can say is WOW, your support for the eco system and product is Amazing.

  • Vito DeCarlo Says:

    Congratulations, Nokia. Well deserved!

    The photos, audio, and video that this phone records is beyond anything available on a smartphone, which easily makes this the best phone available - for me.

  • Issac Says:

    Well deserved victory! Bring on the comments, haters!

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