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Nokia Lumia 830 Is a Budget-Priced Rival to the iPhone

BERLIN--With the Nokia Lumia 830, Microsoft and Nokia are delivering a budget phone built to take on the big boys. This sleek, aluminum brushed smartphone packs a quad-core Snapdragon processor, an eye-catching palette of color options and the same robust set of camera features that Lumia phones are known for. The 830 just made its official debut at IFA 2014, and will arrive globally this month for 330 in Europe and comparable pricing in the U.S.

The Lumia 830 might be aimed at the budget crowd, but it'd be easy to confuse it for a high-end handset. Sporting sleek silver edges that mimic expensive metal phones, the Lumia 830 is available in attractive green, orange and white variations. The 830 is one of Nokia's thinnest and lightest smartphones around, at 8.5 millimeters thin and weighing 5.29 ounces.

Nokia Lumia phones are famous for taking great photos, and the Lumia 830 is no exception. On top of taking sharp shots by default with its 10-MP PureView sensor, the 830 has nifty camera features like Dynamic Flash, which lets you brighten photos that you've previously taken without flash.

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The Lumia 830 ships with Lumia Denim, which brings some helpful features to Windows Phone 8.1 users. The Lumia Camera app has been optimized to start up and take photos faster, and you'll be able to activate Cortana hands-free by simply saying, "Hey, Cortana." The handset will also be able to take advantage of Microsoft's new wireless charging plate and screen-sharing dongle, the latter of which allows you to project your Lumia display to a bigger screen.

Denim also adds 4K video capture by capturing 8.3-MP images at 24 frames per second, allowing you to easily pick a high-quality photo out of an existing video. Microsoft displayed a photo taken from the Lumia 830 side-by-side with an iPhone 5s shot, and the Lumia's picture actually looked significantly brighter and clearer. 

The Lumia 830 looks like an impressive and affordable rival to Apple and Samsung's flagship phones, and we look forward to testing it ourselves. Stay tuned for hands-on impressions.