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Nokia CEO Hints at Windows 8 Tablet

Windows Phone handsets could just be the beginning for Nokia. In an interview with The Verge's Thomas Ricker, CEO Steven Elop hinted that his company could be entering the tablet market and releasing a Windows 8 slate when that new operating system is ready.

"As you recognize that the user experience of Windows 8 is essentially a supercharged version of the Nokia Lumia experience that you saw on stage today and you see the parallels and opportunity for commonality from a user perspective, you say 'wow this is more than just smartphones,'" Elop told Ricker. "There's a broader opportunity here and clearly we see that broader opportunity as well."

Could this mean that Nokia will launch a tablet of its own, following in the footsteps of other phone companies like HTC and Motorola? If so, we hope the company will learn from his mistakes in the netbook market.

In 2009, at the height of the netbook craze, Nokia launched the Booklet 3G, a carrier-subsidized netbook that had an attractive design but weak performance, a lame keyboard, and a high price. That device was not a huge success, but perhaps the right Windows 8 slate would be.