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NetZero Mobile Broadband Expands to Sprint's 3G Network, LTE Coming

NetZero's mobile broadband hit Clear's WiMax network last year with the promise of low-cost 4G connectivity for all users. The product, however, was limited by Clear's relatively small footprint. To address that issue, the company is teaming with Sprint to provide users with mobile data on that carrier's nationwide 3G network. That's not all, though. NetZero says it will also hit Sprint's 4G LTE network in the near future.

Along with the new service upgrade, the deal also sees a slight change to the provider's data plans. Original Clear users get up to 200MB of free data for one-year, after which they pay $9.95 for the same amount. Users can get 1GB of data for $19.95 and 3GB for $29.95. When using Sprint's 3G network, NetZero users can get up to 1GB of data for $29.95 on the Free and Basic plans, or up to 2GB of data for $29.95 on the Plus, Pro or Platinum plans.

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When you hit your data limit, NetZero will completely cut off your connectivity. While this can present a hassle for some users, it also helps to ensure you don't have to pay any overage fees. If you want to get online after going over your limit, NetZero says you can purchase additional data, upgrade to a plan with a higher limit or wait for the next month. To access NetZero's network, users can purchase one of the company's USB broadband sticks for $49.95 or a hotspot for $99.95. 

“Increasing the coverage area of NetZero Mobile Broadband is the next step in the ongoing evolution of the NetZero brand,” said Francis Lobo, President and Chief Executive Officer of NetZero's parent company, United Online. “NetZero has been a leader in value-priced Internet access for over 13 years, and we take pride in offering our customers a quality service at a great price.”

We'll be sure to bring you our impressions of NetZero's new offering as soon as possible. Stay tuned.