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Netgear Debuts NeoTV Prime with Google TV

Google TV is getting quite a bit of love at this year's CES. The latest proponent of the search giant's service is Netgear, which just announced its new NeoTV Prime with Google TV (GTV100) streaming media player. The $129 device enables users to watch live television shows, access streaming media services and browse the Web.

Because NeoTV Prime is an officially licensed Google device, users will also have access to the Google Play store and all of its myriad music, movie and app offerings. According to Netgear, the NeoTV Prime will help organize TV shows, movies and other media offerings in an easy-to-read interface.

Better still, Netgear says that the NeoTV Prime will learn a user's viewing patterns and make recommendations for new shows and movies that they may enjoy. In addition to its media streaming capabilities, NeoTV Prime includes Google's Chrome browser, meaning you'll be able to surf the Web from your couch using the NeoTV Prime's remote.

Better still, users will be able to access the Web and watch their favorite shows using the NeoTV Prime's picture-in-picture option. If you can't wait to get your hands on one of these new devices, you can pick one up today at Netgear retailers.