Mtron To Unleash Lightning-Fast 1.8-inch, 128GB Solid-State Drive

Are you a fan of the solid-state drive found within the Asus Eee PC that helps the system boot its Xandros Linux operating system so quickly? We are too. Solid-state drives are the next big thing in storage, as they come with the promise of faster performance, enhanced durability, and greater endurance than traditional hard drives.

One of the leaders in the SSD industry is Mtron, a company that manufactures blazing fast solid-state drives. It's latest product is a 1.8-inch, 128GB SSD designed for use in notebooks and UMPCs. Mtron claims the new drive will achieve a maximum read speed of 120MBps, and a maximum write speed of 100MBps; those numbers represent a 6X performance boost over standard 1.8-inch hard drives. Mtron states that its new SSD will consume nearly 50% less power than a normal HDD. The drives will begin shipping in April at an undisclosed price.