MSI Wind Manual Teaches You How to Use a Laptop

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LAPTOP groupie Mike Cane had a good find this morning spotting the MSI Wind manual. Our MSI Wind review unit arrived last week without a manual, but somehow I've managed to use the mini-notebook wonder. (Stay tuned for our full review in the coming days.) The Wind's manual actually turns out to be one amazing piece of literature. Sure, it has the standard lowdown on how to insert the battery and turn on the system. But it seriously reinforces the fact that MSI is aiming this system at virgin laptop users. Page 48 of the manual instructs first-time laptop users how to use a notebook safely and properly:
If you are a beginner to the notebook, please read the following instructions to assure your own safety.
The manual then provides tips on setting up a laptop workspace. Here are a few of the safety and comfort tips:
  • Your work area should have enough illumination.
  • Choose the proper desk and chair and adjust their height to fit your posture when operating.
  • When sitting on the chair, adjust the chair’s back (if available) to support your back comfortably.
  • Place you feet flat and naturally on the floor, so that your knees and elbows have the proper position (about 90-degree) when operating.
  • Put your hands on the desk naturally to support your wrists.
And no manual is complete without a diagram. Though we can't say much about the system right now, we can tell you the system is as exciting to use as its manual!
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  • jim propp Says:

    How can I back all files from my tosheba laptop.

  • Sharon Nelson Says:

    To gerry leal
    On the CD, it shows how to connect to the internet . You will just need to scroll through the pages to find it.

  • Sharon Nelson Says:

    I ended up opening the CD that came with it, on my desk top, picking the pages I wanted and then printing those.
    I didn't need all 95 pages of specs. Hope this helps all of you.

  • gerry leal Says:

    I just bougth a MSI Notebook but I have not been able to activate the can I do this....Regards

  • Marta Says:

    Don't you think it is not the best idea to sell a pc that has no cd reader with its help in a cd?


    You can find the manual in french here
    (you change the language of the page on top right)

    As soon as I overcome the laziness of getting a copy of the cd in another pc, I will send the manual in Spanish to that web.


  • tony L Says:

    I just bought my first laptop and I would like to know if I can download this manual that you spoke of.

    thank you

    Tony L

  • LeeLee Says:

    My msi came with a cd which had the manual on it. I inserted it into the home PC , downloaded it there and saved to a usb drive.would have been grea to get a hard copy though.

  • edwin Says:

    can you please let me know where can i download a copy of the manual, thanks a lot...

  • Dr. Charles Elliott Says:

    I did not get one either. Where can a manual be downloaded?

  • Billy Bones Says:

    The manual sounds like it's just what I need. Where the heck can I download a copy? I have searched MSI sites and google results until my fingers are sore. Can you help?
    Thanks, Bones

  • Mike Cane Says:


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