Motorola Atrix 4G Hacked To Run As PC Without Expensive Dock

One of the Motorola Atrix 4G's biggest selling points is the Webtop software on it that lets you attach it to the optional laptop dock and run it like a PC. The problem is that the laptop dock comes as part of a pricy bundle when you buy the phone or costs a whopping $499 separately. Now, thanks to XDA-Developers forum user Fenny, you no longer need the dock. Fenny has modified three APK files and figured out how to modify a rooted Atrix to enable you to run Webtop over any HDMI connection.

You need to do some work to do to get the hack running; it's not a one click install (yet) and all the standard warnings about bricking your device apply, but the ability to hook your Atrix up to any compatible monitor and use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse is intriguing. Check out Fenny's post on the XDA-Developers Forum for instructions on how to perform this hack on your own.

via Pocketnow and XDA-Developers