Motorola Atrix 4G Hacked To Run As PC Without Expensive Dock

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One of the Motorola Atrix 4G's biggest selling points is the Webtop software on it that lets you attach it to the optional laptop dock and run it like a PC. The problem is that the laptop dock comes as part of a pricy bundle when you buy the phone or costs a whopping $499 separately. Now, thanks to XDA-Developers forum user Fenny, you no longer need the dock. Fenny has modified three APK files and figured out how to modify a rooted Atrix to enable you to run Webtop over any HDMI connection.

You need to do some work to do to get the hack running; it's not a one click install (yet) and all the standard warnings about bricking your device apply, but the ability to hook your Atrix up to any compatible monitor and use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse is intriguing. Check out Fenny's post on the XDA-Developers Forum for instructions on how to perform this hack on your own.

via Pocketnow and XDA-Developers

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