Microsoft Is Adapting Windows for Foldable Devices (Report)

We've heard rumors of Microsoft working on foldable devices under the Andromeda codename  throughout 2018, and today brings the latest step in that story. A new report says that Microsoft's progressed to adapting Windows itself to fit new hardware paradigm. 

According to The Verge, "sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans" are confirming the existing rumors that "the software maker is making foldable devices and dual-screen hardware a big investment area for both Windows and Surface." The bigger news? Microsoft is "adapting Windows itself and its many built-in apps to work across foldable displays and devices with dual screens."

That work involves collaboration with Intel and other device makers in an effort to prepare for the next few years of foldable devices. The report also specifies that the Andromeda name is applied to devices with dual-screen designs. 

BuildFeed, a twitter account that tracks Windows builds, tweeted "10.0.18313.1004 (rs_shell_devices_foldables.190111-1800)" yesterday, Jan. 14, giving us all a hint that Microsoft already has a build of Windows that's ready for foldable hardware.