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Microsoft Bribing People to Use Its Edge Browser

Man, you have to feel bad for Microsoft. Its Edge browser was supposed to be Internet Explorer's cool, powerful successor, but it hasn't made much of a splash among Firefox and Chrome users. Microsoft is taking an aggressive, albeit desperate tactic -- bribing potential users with rewards points.

The company has updated its rewards program, which was previously centered around its search engine, Bing, to include its new browser for up to 150 points per month. But not only do you have to use the browser -- you also have to let Microsoft track usage and diagnostic data.

The opt-in program will count up to 30 hours of "active browsing" per month, which means not only is Edge open, but it is also highlighted in the taskbar, as well as using the browser consistently. You also have to have Bing set as your default search engine, locking you into Microsoft's web ecosystem. Switching to Google means you won't be able to earn points.

Users can go to this website to learn more and sign up.

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The company says it won't track browsing data, only time spend in Edge. Interested users can go to Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics and check their "diagnostic and usage data" setting in Windows 10 to make sure they're set up to send this data.

Some might be creeped out by being tracked at all, as the first year of Windows 10 was plagued with privacy concerns. Others may find the rewards enticing and suggest that there's no reason to worry about your privacy in Windows 10.

Are you signing up for the program? Let us know in the comments.

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