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McAfee Demos New DeepSAFE Technology, Designed to Catch Rootkit Viruses

According to McAfee, rootkit viruses -- those which allow a hacker to obtain secret administrative access to your PC -- are among the biggest threats end users and businesses face today. Unfortunately, rootkits can also be hard to detect as they infect the very kernel of the operating system and often fool traditional virus scanners, particularly when those scanners aren't looking for a new rootkit's signature.

Today at IDF, McAfee SVP Candace Worley showed off a new technology platform called DeepSAFE, which leverages the Intel VTx functionality present in all Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 chips to detect rootkit malware, even if that malware has never been seen before and its signature is missing from the virus scanner's definition database. The technology will appear in McAfee products later this fall.

Check out the video below, where Worley shows how a PC running DeepSAFE technology can detect a rootkit virus that one without DeepSAFE misses entirely.