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McAfee Mobile Security App Adds Multi-User Profiles

McAfee is updating its McAfee Mobile Security app for Android to include new privacy features including Multi-user App Profile functionality. The feature lets users to create individual profiles with their own access settings for certain apps. McAfee says the new multi-user profile function can be used to create "safe zones" that help keep kids from using apps they otherwise shouldn't have access to, ensure your friends can't jump into your email app if you lend them your device and deny thieves access to your most private information should one steal your Android device.

Beyond the ability to create user profiles, McAfee Mobile Security basic now provides consumers with the ability to remotely back up, wipe and restore their contacts using an online dashboard accessible from any connected device. Additionally, users can locate their stolen devices on a map or force them to emit a load sound using the aforementioned web portal.

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McAfee Mobile Security premium includes all of the above functions, as well as McAfee's Hidden Device Admin Detector that can help protect your Android device from malware and Trojans. Other features include app privacy reporting, which tells you what information your apps can access; as well as call and SMS filtering.

The latest version of McAfee Mobile Security is currently available through the Google Play store. The basic version can be had for free, while the premium version can be had for a $2.99 per month or $29.99 for a one-year subscription. If you only want access to McAfee's Hidden Device Admin Detector, you can download the app from the Google Play store for free.