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Massive Star Trek Episode Collection Lands On Netflix Streaming

Star Trek Fans rejoice. A mother lode of Star Trek TV episodes has arrived on Netflix on demand, just in time for the holiday weekend. These gems include seasons one and two of the original classic Star Trek, plus Voyager, Enterprise, and yes Star Trek: The Next Generation.

All the new additions are available today for instant streaming via the Netflix streaming service. Star Trek and Enterprise are showcased in lovely HD video quality too. Voyager and Next Generation are offered in standard definition but, hey, we're not complaining.

What's amazing is that the shows boast what looks like their full seasons, served up for immediate gratification. It's enough to make a full-grown Star Trek fan shed tears of joy. We were tipped off to the possibility of this wondrous event by Netflix guru site Hacking Netflix back in April. It all seems to have gloriously come true.

The only sour note is that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine isn't on this list, though apparently it will be available on October 1st, so we'll have to wait to get our Sisko on. In the meantime: happy treking!

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