How to Make iPhone Autocorrect Smarter

The iPhone learns the words you use frequently in texts and emails, so over time you'll find that proper names and terms of endearment are eventually added to the iOS internal dictionary. However, if you’ve got hammer thumb and constantly mistype words, you can end up with some odd things in your shortcuts. You can make Autocorrect smarter, however.

1. Go to Settings > General.

2. Tap Keyboard.

3. Scroll down to Add New Shortcut. Here you can add shorthand for anything you'd like, such as typing "poose" automatically replaced with "I love you honey, have a great day." Be creative.

4. Start over if you’ve typed "ridicalous" one too many times, by going back to Settings > General.

5. Tap Reset.

6. Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary. This will eliminate all customization you've done to your autocorrections, so use it with caution. Contributor