macOS Sierra vs Windows 10: Why Apple Wins

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Now that we've reviewed both Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Apple's macOS Sierra (10.12), we're familiar with both companies's visions for the next year in computing. Both free updates add tweaks to the user interface and special features such as Windows Ink and Apple's Siri, but the question remains, which desktop operating system reigns supreme?


Windows 10's fresh, dynamic redesign breathed new life into the once-staid operating system just last year, while Apple kept macOS Sierra (version 10.12) visually similar to OS X El Capitan (10.11), which was similar to the previous year's Yosemite (10.10). The notable interface change Apple added this year is Picture-in-Picture video, which is borrowed from the iPad.1462572220

While few users would call either interface bad, Windows 10 offers a built-in tablet mode, and Anniversary Update cleaned up the Start Menu to focus on apps. Since Microsoft designed this version of Windows with larger touch-targets, you can use the operating system on more devices, and gain different kinds of interaction.

Winner: Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This cross-device platform is more able and provides greater options.


Both macOS and Windows 10 offer virtual desktops, but Microsoft lets you do more at once. A year ago, Apple added a two-apps-at-once split-view to its desktop operating system in El Capitan, but Microsoft's operating system lets you snap four different windows into a grid, which is great when you have a large enough display.screenshot (7)   copy

Winner: Windows 10 Anniversary Update. More apps on a single screen.

Siri vs Cortana

Spotlight has helped Mac find files since its introduction in 2005, but manual type-and-search tools are the past, as voice activated assistants are gaining in prominence. By welcoming the once-iOS-only Siri to the Mac, Apple has caught up with Microsoft, which dropped Cortana onto PCs in the original Windows 10 release. siri

While Siri can help manage files and Cortana can send news notifications, both now handle contextual follow-up questions. In the keynote presentation at WWDC, Craig Federighi got Siri to whittle down his file search for images to just the photos that Ken had sent him that Craig tagged as Drafts. In our testing, not only could Cortana answer the question "Who is the presdient of the U.S.?" but when we asked "how old is he?" it informed us that Barack Obama is 54 years old.

In addition, while both Siri and Cortana offer dashboards for their assistants where you can see the results, only macOS lets you drag and drop those results onto documents you're working on. Cortana has one leg up on Siri: it accepts both verbal and typed commands, while you can only speak to Siri.

Winner: Draw. Siri's arrival brings macOS to parity, but it doesn't surpass Cortana.

Special Features

Both Windows 10 Anniversary Update and macOS Sierra allow you to unlock your device with a device (your phone on a PC and an Apple Watch on a Mac), but their other new special features differ greatly. Microsoft introduced the option for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One owners to play against (or with) each other in games.

Windows 10's other major new feature is Ink, which translates notes written with your stylus or finger on the screen into text notes. Unfortunately, our months of testing Ink proved the feature to be more toy than tool. photos

Meanwhile on macOS Sierra, Apple's most interesting new feature is Optimized Storage, which stores files you don't access often on Apple's iCloud servers. In a demonstration at the WWDC 2016 Keynote, this freed 130GB of space on a 250GB hard drive.

Snap-happy Mac users will also be eager to upgrade to macOS Sierra, as the Photos app has gained improved facial recognition, options to search by objects and people and Memories, an easy way to turn photos into slideshows. Also, multiple Mac owners will appreciate the option to mirror their desktop and Document folder files across all Macs running Sierra.

Winner: Draw. Both platforms added potentially great new features that users will hopefully enjoy.

Web Browsing

The biggest change happening on either platform is that Microsoft's Edge browser finally got extensions in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Unfortunately, Edge extensions have been few and far bweeen, and if app development for Windows 10 is any indicator, Edge may have a hard time catching up with Safari in terms of numbers of available extensions.

Both browsers let you pin tabs that you always want to read, but of the two, only Safari lets you mute noisy tabs. Edge forces you to go into a tab, figure out why it's playing sound and manually mute it. And while Edge may let you annotate pages with notes and doodles, that's not enough to make up for the lack of mutes.

Winner: macOS Sierra. You can surf in peace with Safari's mutable tabs, and Edge can't beat that.

Phone Integration

Since Apple produces both Macs and iPhones, the company has the power to make them work in harmony. Windows 10 Anniversary Update added the ability to send SMS messages through your phone from your PC, but it can't take calls from your phone, which Macs can.touchid

Apple's added even greater synergy between iPhones and Macs with Sierra with the new Universal Clipboard, which lets you copy text on one device and paste it in the other. Apple also introducing Auto Unlock, which will let you sign into your Mac with your Apple Watch. Also, you'll be able to activate ApplePay on your Mac with the TouchID sensor on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Winner: macOS Sierra. Apple's cross-platform integration is hard to beat.

Price & Updating

Would you rather live by your computer's schedule, or make it adapt to your own? While Microsoft made upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 free for its first year, the company told users to expect the operating system to cost $119 after July 29 2016. macOS Sierra is the latest in a long line of Apple desktop operating systems that are free forever.

Also, Apple lets you update your operating system when you're ready, unlike Microsoft, which forced the issue for Windows 10 and is currently taking months to roll Anniversary Update out to the masses.

Winner: macOS Sierra. Free, without asterisks and on your schedule.

Overall Winner: macOS Sierra, 5-4

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A year ago, Windows 10 beat OS X El Capitan in our faceoff, but Apple sure has worked it's tail off to make macOS Sierra more compelling. From bringing Siri from iOS to the desktop to beefing up Photos' features, macOS Sierra gives desktop Mac users the features they've been waiting for. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is no slouch, but Edge is taking too long to become a browser that can compete with the field.

While these operating systems aren't the be-all and end-all behind shoppers decisions -- Mac hardware designs and PC gaming capabilities are extremely important -- there are enough differences between macOS and Windows 10 to predict a winner.

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Henry T. Casey
Henry T. Casey,
After graduating from Bard College a B.A. in Literature, Henry T. Casey worked in publishing and product development at Rizzoli and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, respectively. Henry joined Tom's Guide and LAPTOP having written for The Content Strategist, Tech Radar and Patek Philippe International Magazine. He divides his free time between going to live concerts, listening to too many podcasts, and mastering his cold brew coffee process. Content rules everything around him.
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  • Golgoth14 Says:

    Must agree with some comments, scientifically you should compare what is comparable (unless you want to make a troll catcher article)
    For instance Windows 10 runs on lot of different hardware whereas MacOs runs (officialy) on Mac, for sure I hope MacOs is adapted to their hardware so you don't have some kind of BSOD due to poor low-cost hardware/drivers you found on average joe laptops. (So how Win10 performs on Windows official laptop/desktop ?)

    For instance too, have a look on OneNote/Edge integration and compare it to Note/Safari... what these two browsers were designed for ? do you need a lot of craps to say it's better or would you say that KISS is better ? Or would you compare them on web HTML5 compliance ( ?

    Regarding cost obviously these two systems suck, Rolling / not Rolling, big update / new os,... compare what is comparable...there are lot of bells and whistles to sell licenses or new Hardware with captive Os (the older having been slowed down). And just have a look on ArchLinux, too see what is a real updating system (at no cost), far far more far, from these two os.

    I agree with what jaker says, with some comments on facts that MacOs Apple/ActionScripting integration may be a really interessant things that Windows 10 don't have to my know (but not for noob), sharing between app is a bit more developped in MacOs, and as for other linux systems sandboxing security is a good feature. I'll add that MacOs hides a lot of things from files to functionnality which is also boring... and deleting an app without third party soft sucks...

  • Jaker Says:

    A lot more stupidity than usual for a comment section.

    It turns out that if you spend more money on a computer, it may well be faster. So when you say the speed boost is worth it for Mac you must be under the impression that you cannot get a faster PC for more money than your previous machine. The fastest machines in the world are not Macs.

    It's not even a real debate, Windows has more practical functionality than Mac OS could ever hope to have.

    Then you have people claiming that Mac OS is better because it makes them more productive, that's a personal problem. Having a machine that doesn't allow you to run or do anything useful may have the side effect of making you more productive.

    Nobody cares about Edge on Windows, nobody cares about Cortana.
    iTunes is poorly made, bloated software.

    Mac OS is no more secure than Windows. Windows has a far, far larger user base and is therefore targeted more.

    Macs are for people who can't actually do anything and need everything to be done for them.

    "In fact I let Windows Users test out my machine every time they come over and they tell me but I don't understand how can your computer be faster then mine, its like almost 2-3 years older. Quite simply the OS is light years better and it has always been. Windows Fanboys just don't get that. Forget what others say use one for like 3-4 months for WORK, not play and you'll see why Apple cost alot more. It's worth every penny."

    'I spent 5 times as much on my Mac as my friend and he can't believe my 2 year old Mac is faster than his bottom of the line thin client'

    These attempted arguments in defence of Macs do more harm than saying nothing at all. We know Mac users are stupid but this is something else.

    'Apple managed to squeeze in an SSD in my 3 grand Mac and it loads programmes faster than my 10 year old hand me down windows machine'
    Stick a white logo on an air conditioner and these morons will worship it. Good God yall are dumb.

  • Andrew Boot Says:

    - amazing task manager
    - GAMING!
    - a lot of free software
    - a lot of interface programming free tools
    - free remote desktop that is super fast and secure (with NLA)
    - login with PIN/picture
    - better multitasking with preview
    - snappier (try resizing windwos in macos..)
    - faster on older hardware
    - MS Office suite is has more features.
    - MUCH better for organizations.
    - Constant updates
    - They started to listen!

    - lot of useless apss no one uses (KeyNote,QuickTime,Maps)
    - lot of features removed from version to version.
    - useless and not for power users DiskUtility
    - mails are keep on the disk individually
    - facetime audio window is now fixed! :((
    - activity monitor is a mess (like in all linux distros, old)
    - no simple command ported from linux like LSCPU/LSUSB and etc.
    - way to proprietary and locked stuff and not even more secure.
    - can't use your favorite apps as defaults!!! (like we use Outlook but no, you can't set it as default email client!)

    Apple is loosing the battle for being stubborn.

  • rbrbrb Says:

    So a lot of anger at Mac OS. Okay I have used windows of every iteration since 95! I have used Mac OSX, various distros of Linux and I can say all of them have strengths and weaknesses. Some of the weaknesses are bigger than others but do not make one OS better than another. Linux is an amazing kernel and Gnu programs and OS layered on top but unless you have a lot of linux code writing or advanced skills getting simple things like drivers, printers, cameras-phones, etc to play nice can be an issue. Also an update with a bad kernel can ruin your whole day!

    Windows is a resource hog, and horribly insecure with the latest release including built in spyware from Microsoft. Read the EULA. Scary that your OS on a pc you paid for is simply being rented, etc. Also MS always has issues with security and security updates. Also all windows machines have about a year of good use because the OEM's rarely release updated drivers. They may do so for a year of if they get enough complaints but rarely are the drivers properly optimized for your specific device. Linux is a nightmare in this area at least it was for me.

    Mac OS is actually extremely smooth and responsive with a much better security and update profile. Hardware is more expensive and obsolescence in designed into the product expect 3-5 years max and budget accordingly. If you use a low cost security option like ClamavAV for a one time fee for all of your Macs then the cost savings is significant over Windows said security options. Also if you can use pages and numbers that is a potential savingsof around $99 a year or more for office 365 from MS. Obviously MS has a much better option but office 365 can be used and installed on a Mac and you can use a browser cloud based Word or Excel platform if you want a more Windows like feel.

    These are just the features of the OS not to mention the superior design of the products Apple produces. Sure they cost more but they have become more competitive lately and the design and build quality is really much better than most pc's even in the same or higher price class.

    I have used all three major platforms and stubbornly clinged to my comfort of "choice" in a pc for most of my life. Once I got an iPad and now a Mac I can see how much better the integration is. Sure there are other options, even on the make. I have Amazon music on my Mac for example but I also had google play for my phone and tablet and some things were not compatible as I would like. If you are not going to try and get your content for free then Apple has a lot of integrated options that are market leading. Have a family and it gets better although Microsoft is really good with parental controls.

    So I agree with the author and all the Windows people hating on the Mac people just calm down..... Lets talk about why one is better than just trash someone else.

  • Tigerwoods Says:

    First of all let me start saying that I was a PC user since Windows 3.1 and in 2014 I switched over to Apple which was Yosemite back then I believe or Mountain Lion can't remember exactly. Since swithching there is no way I would ever go back to Windows. The OS operates so much smoother on Apple compared to Windows computers with the same specs. It's night and day.

    Windows users can say all the want, until you actually use Apple and get use to it and actually do work on it, not gaming, then and only then will you see the difference. A difference that is substantial.

    Sure you can get a faster more powerful PC viturally every month, while Apple you have to wait over a year. But when you compare an Apple to a PC with identical specs, Apple blows it out of the water, except for gaming. Also in 3 years I've never once needed to reboot my system or have it become unresponsive. Sorry that's what all these reviewers seem to forget. Real world usage. You can have faster harder but in the end WIndows will always slow you down.

    In fact I let Windows Users test out my machine every time they come over and they tell me but I don't understand how can your computer be faster then mine, its like almost 2-3 years older. Quite simply the OS is light years better and it has always been. Windows Fanboys just don't get that. Forget what others say use one for like 3-4 months for WORK, not play and you'll see why Apple cost alot more. It's worth every penny.

  • YOUR DOOM Says:

    Oh my god, you idiots.

    Program. Compatibility.

    Also, Windows doesn't bloat the computer with excessive background processes that make the OS slower on older computers, unlike Apple, which does it intentionally.

  • Kathy Says:

    I get so much more done after having switched from PC to Mac,I save about 30 minutes a day using a Mac Book pro vs PC Laptop. One thing is the amount of time it took to turn on the PC two minutes or more because of the number of programs. Mac takes about 10 seconds and loads up 8 more programs than the PC did. The amount of time it takes to switch from one program to another has greatly been reduced about 90% on the mac. The Mac is a lot better and the cost is worth it.

  • Chris Says:

    Too many idiotic sheep who have been for years eating crap and do not realize it. Windows 10 All Windows Products are junk that Pavlovian Americans accept as the norm. Children of a lesser God prefer Windows not able to see the difference. They were raised on PCs and do not posses the ability

  • shoee Says:

    I use Both, I can say that I prefer Mac OS over Windows. Even after years of improvements Windows is still not as stable of an operating system as Mac OS.I trade on an IMac running Parallels 12 widoows7 pro ultra which runs windows faster and more stable.

  • Michael Says:

    If you look at both systems windows may have a larger population but not so good with user stability; now don't get me wrong but MacOs has the same problem down to the conclusion that they both are not good at all I have a Mac Pro running OS X good for two things because of it's hardware programming and being creative not for an average computer user. If you're just an average user stick with Microsoft more advanced with doing something different go Linux or OS X for anything work based, programming, and creativeness. Windows was not built for that sort of thing other then office was mainly for it's original intent.

  • Bronx Says:

    Okay, let me be clear: Apple won because it has a better web browser, when literally nobody uses Edge? Come on, this article is bullshit. Microfost Edge is not meant to be used as your main browser, it's a specialized browser with one purpose: being as resource-light as possible. It is very good at that, but comparing a specialised browser to a general purpose one is apples to oranges to say the least.
    And regarding compatibility, you're better off using Chrome or Firefox everywhere anyway because it lets you transfer tabs, passwords, favorites etc. between devices,which won't happen between Edge and your phone and neither will between Safari and your phone's Chrome.

    And now this might be just my opinion, but OS itself should be more lightweight, with less integrated features like cloud storage and default mail app but let you download more custom ones. Unless you're an Apple user who has to have everything spoonfed to you, I guess.

  • maxxxx Says:

    Salty windows users below I

  • Marius Koch Says:

    So MacOS wins on price because it's nowhere to be found on your Mac's invoice? MacOS IS.NOT.FREE. You (royally) pay for it but being single platform, it's not sold separately and thus part of a bundle. Following that logic, Windows is also free, as long as it's pre-installed on your machine. As a bonus, Microsoft lets you buy Windows for each and any machine that came with Linux, MacOS or a previous generation Windows pre-installed as well.

    Seriously, it's just not an argument. At the very least, this category should be a tie, at best a win for Windows because it is far more flexible in distribution.

  • Useless article Says:

    Apple wins while comparing browser since that is the only feature that dumb apple monkey users needs to play with.

  • Foooo Says:

    >I'm not sure in what parallel universe the author lives but in this one win 10 is far superior to mac os in all ways and form. Most if not all features in mac are toys and not tools."

    Compare Windows mail with macOS mail and tell which of both is the toy ;)

  • libra guy Says:

    I'm not sure in what parallel universe the author lives but in this one win 10 is far superior to mac os in all ways and form. Most if not all features in mac are toys and not tools. The touchbar .. dont even get me started with that .. phone integration .. i have no use for that at all.

  • samuel Says:

    Price is no argument for Apple. I own a MacBook Pro and while the OS is free, a lot of OSX Software breaks with a new OSX Version or new updates that support new features on the new OSX Version require a new purchase. VMWare Fusion, Paragon software, ... all often break on a OSX update and require a new Version. Windows 10 is a one time purchase with the device (just like OSX) but you don't have the mess of forced new licenses from third party software.

    Look at the true cost of an OS update on either platform and you will come to a different conclusion.

    I also think Web browsing should not be in there. Yes Edge is lacking but install Chrome on both and you have essentially an identical experience. Or Vivaldi, or anything really.

    Also you get Smartphone integration from Samsung at al. SMS on the PC and stuff is all possible. One could complain that they have no standardized smartphone integration but neither has Apple. Getting just simple files onto a Samsung Galaxy on a Macbook Pro is a much worse experience than on Microsoft. Not everybody with a Mac wants an iPhone too.

  • Woody Says:

    Henry Casey,No way is macOS better than windows10. FYI you can make calls on windows 10 with google voice and skype. MacOS no touch screen, no gaming, no stylus, are you on crack?

  • Curren Says:

    Yeah phone integration is better if you have an iphone because it you don't well tough luck so I would give that to Windows as well at least it gives way way more options when it comes to the hole Phone and PC relation.

    Browsers again on Windows you have a wonderful selection of 3rd party browsers and that is something you can't ignore.

    The comparison on price doesn't make sense. You can buy laptop with Windows preinstalled and it will also be free for ever and it will get support and updates for many years. MacOs works properly mostly on Apple's overpriced hardware and I don't see how is that a plus.

  • Jack Straw Says:

    Windows 10 trounces OS X on productivity usage, gaming and pro use (especially now that macbook pros aren't pro anymore).. OS X wins on font rendering / dpi scaling ..

  • Nathaniel Says:

    LOL in addition to all the things you left out (like gaming and compatibility with more software), how does the fact that you can mute the tabs of the default web browser give Apple the win?

  • Reinaldo Camargo Says:

    I'm not a gamer anymore due lack of time, but how about playing decent games on a MAC? A friend of mine told me that it's better to buy a console, so, it's better to pay way more, to have two devices, one incomplete and another that runs mostly games in a crap resolution with 30fps? Give me a break.

  • Mary Angelu Says:

    I like OS X, because it's the first operating system than Windows. If I upgrade to OS X, my laptop is better and faster than my previous operating system, Windows 7. It always hangs and always trapped. I can update that system by installing it. I love OS X, that's what I'm prepared to say.

  • Mildor Says:

    So... actually windows won... because... REALLY? You give apple a win un web just because you can mute your tab? (and you can di it with an extention by the way) Really?!

  • Rishabh Jindal Says:

    Windows 10 is better macos in terms of most of aspects.Windows is more innovative but almost same as 10 years ago except their look.

  • Sam Simpson Says:

    I updated my MacBook Pro Retina 13" to Mac Os Sierra. Video is slower now and some Apps are just empty folders in Launchpad. I'm going to re-install Sierra and if that fails: Option A: Linux Ubuntu or Windows 10. I updated 9 computers to Windows 10 without issues. Windows 10 just works.

  • Joshua Penman Says:

    Update: I just figured out how to get a window to show on every desktop: (Press Windows+Tab to get to task view, then right click on a window and select "Show this window on all desktops")

    This takes away my main objection to Windows 10's way of doing things vs. MacOS's ability to move desktops one monitor at a time.

  • Joshua Penman Says:

    Having moved to Windows 10 from El Capitan a couple of months ago, there are several features I miss which for me, on a multi-monitor setup, brings the "multitasking" score down firmly on the MacOS side:

    1. There is no equivalent in Windows 10 of Apple's "Show all windows of open application in this workspace" - You either see every single application, or none of them. Multitasking isn't just about how many auto-snap locations there are on thescreen: It's also about how fluidly you can switch between open windows.
    2. There is no option in Windows 10 to treat each monitor as a separate desktop. I have some apps (time tracker and email) that I want to see all the time, and in Windows 10 if I shift desktops it shifts the desktop for every single monitor. In MacOS, you can choose to switch desktops on a monitor-by-monitor basis.

    3. In Windows 10 if you press "Show Desktop" (Windows+D) and then open a folder or hit Task View (Windows+Tab) and select a window, and they don't get back if you press Windows+D again. In OS X, all your old windows come back if you hit the "Show Desktop" command again.

    One final quibble with multitasking is that Windows 10 doesn't have built-in mouse gestures to move to different desktops, whereas MacOS does with three-finger swipes and mighty-mouse, etc. - but that's less OS and more hardware-OS integration, so I can't fault Windows 10 for that.

  • Ricky Says:

    The writer of this article is a genuine Apple fanboy that doesn't know what he is talking about. There is no way MacOS beats Windows 10. Just because some features of MacOS is better than Windows doesn't mean it is better.

    I own a Mac, Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone. I also have desktop PC and Laptop running Windows 10. People just say Apple products are better to justify the price they are paying, but seriously Windows 10 is way better in many aspect.

  • Sidney Says:

    The Apple ecosystem can't be beat. I own a MacBook Pro, iPhone 6, and Ipad. I love how iCloud ties everything together. I can take and make calls on my MacBook Pro, and SMS also. Software updates are always free, and you get everything. No "Pro" vs "Normal". Mac's are more expensive, but the resale value is tremendous. It's like buying a Lexus and having peace of mind. No spyware, malware, viruses either. Have used Macs for over 10 years and have never used antivirus. You get what you pay for, like all things in life.

  • Neji88 Says:

    This is kind of a dumb review. As a disclaimer, I am a macOS user with both a Mac mini and MacBook Air. Phone integration is not as important as OS performance. Windows is much much faster than macOS, uses less resources, runs faster, and its compatible with more systems. Windows 10 can run smooth on a 2003 Pentium 4, where as even modern Macs with modern processors, can shutter even on very basic animation. I love Mac hardware, but Mac OS is dog slow. The slowest of all OSes.

  • Joe Joe Says:

    Ok, so you're telling me that being able to unlock you phone with your apple watch (it's a security risk anyways) and buying things with your iPhone with your mac (kind of useless feature?) is better than having a windows phone become a fully powered pc when it's plugged into a monitor? Windows continuum also lets you project your phone screen onto your pc AND it syncs notifications from both your android phone and windows phone (iOS is too proprietary to allow this). So you're still telling me that apples useless iOS and mac integration is better than windows 10? Also the pricing is better?? Yeah right, the only reasons macs get free upgrades are because there products are over-priced by 500 percent. So five to three windows mac!

  • PulloBodaddo Says:

    You guys are so Apple Biased that it's extremely funny. I use both Operating Systems extensively and OS X hangs like no other. It's such a slow Operating system. I'll never buy another product from Crapple again. I have a MBP mid-2014 15" retina.

  • sebastian Says:

    Honestly i can get the phone integration, the browser thing, but Siri vs Cortana thing is stupid, Cortana wins hands down.

  • Robbert Says:

    Webbrowsing a Apple win? I use Chrome on my W10 so why is choice and competition worse than only safari on the Mac?

  • Mike M Says:

    What I find funny is how commentators accused laptopmag of being biased against apple when they declared W10 to be better than El Capitan, and now that the tables have turned, they accuse laptopmag of being biased against Microsoft.

  • Joseph Farah Says:

    Nice article! I don't really care who wins---it really depends on what you need your OS for--but you should probably specify to users that Sierra is essentially a new OS, while the Anniversary edition of Windows 10 is more a title. In terms of update timing, Windows 10 is much closer to OS X El Capitan. For reference, it would be like comparing OS X Yosemite to Windows 8.

  • William Armstrong Says:

    This should have two additions on the Windows side.

    First, Windows 10 integrates with two phone platforms, not just one. And they would integrate with iOS if Apple let them.

    Second, Microsoft is adding support to miracast to a Windows PC from a Phone, either Windows 10 Mobile or Android. While Apple has made this possible to AppleTVs, it isn't available for free with OS X/macOS. (You can plug in via USB to record video, or can pay for a third party utility.)

  • Rando Says:

    Articles like these are opinion pieces, treat them that way! When someone's opinion is different to yours, it doesn't mean that they are wrong. You can discuss why you think they're wrong, but try doing so in a mature manner. People are entitled to their own damn opinion. I also find it amusing that many of you are calling the author an Apple fanboy; looks to me like a case of the pot calling the kettle black. And why even leave a comment at all if you don't intend to contribute anything meaningful besides scorn? Heck, why are you so invested in things like this? They're just products! Is that all this comes down to, the need to justify a purchase?

  • Xaser Says:

    Ok so MacOS wins on a basis of useless features. Safari beating Edge? So get FF or Chrome then! Phone integration? I didn't have to connect my phone even once to my PC since I moved away from the iPhone! Also you can soon get Text Messages delivered from your phone to your PC. Can MacOS do that? (don't know actually).

    Cortana vs Siri? Imo both systems are not yet ready to be called anything but beta.

    Imo Win10 wins by far.

  • CarlosSoto Says:

    You left out which OS is best weaponized against the endUser. I'm not interested in running an OS unless it has malware and spyware baked into the core. Which OS does this best!?

    We're talking keyloggers, sharing collected personal information with untold and unnamed 3rd-parties. If I was interested in the most important thing a person can have - peace of mind - I'd be using an open-source OS like Linux. Oh, wait...

  • endafy Says:

    Windows 10 has Spyware baked in you can't disable, Mac os can be ran on pc hardware with a bootloader, os x clear winner. Apple talked about how you'll be able to run mac os on any hardware soon. Windows 10 is garbage and I'll never use it.

  • Curtis Quick Says:

    As I use Windows 10 and compare it with MacOS, it really feels like Windows 10 is new and modern, while it seems like MacOS is last century in comparison. I realize that many don't use Cortana, but speaking to my PC is becoming quite useful. Also? The article says nothing significant about how Windows 10 supports touch and inking. To me that is almost everything. I love how my Surface Pro gives me both excellent desktop and tablet capabilities. MacOS can't touch that.

    And as far as cost goes, MacOS and Windows have always been free on new machines. And updates to them will almost certainly remain so. Cost is not an issue, except perhaps that new Macs are almost always more expensive that new Windows PCs.

  • Satish Says:

    Mac OS doesn't run on iPads and iPhones. And the stores are also different. Windows 10 runs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, XBOX and HoloLens. Windows 10 has a common store and the apps are universal. Unless you are sleeping, there is no reason why you will think that Apple can defeat Microsoft without Steve Jobs. Their days are behind Admit it.

  • jon bytes Says:

    Mac OS is free but to get it you need to purchase a super expensive piece of hardware. Considering that Microsoft is a SOFTWARE company their pricing for the new Windows 10 is SUPER generous. So please correct that.

    Another point is that having a superior interface and better multitasking capabilities is FAR MORE VALUABLE than a Siri that's slightly better the windows equivalent (Who actually uses that stuff in the real world??).

    I really like Edge but without extensions I agree its useless. But this comparison is dishonest as people on both systems use Chrome anyway.

    Windows q0 supports tablet mode/touch, Mac doesn't. Clear advantage in that department.

    I use a mac at work because that's what all the cool guys do in the startup industry. But at home, on the plane, and in the coffee shops I'm so happy to whip out my HP spectre.

  • sergey Says:

    It is so stupid to compare web browsers... almost nobody uses edge or IE...
    BUT IF YOU did, please, compare awkward finder to useful FileExplorer, compare shitty buggy and unavoidable iTynes with plenty of sync options between windows and smartphone, including the useful drag n drop similar to flash stick.

  • Cool Sane Says:

    How much did Apple pay you to write this nonsense. I use MacOS and Windows 10. Windows 10 windows hands down.

  • Junaid Ahmed Says:

    Windows 10 is getting notification synchronization with Windows Mobile/iOS/Android which is already working on insider preview. Call receiving ability is still not present though. But it will work with more devices than upcoming macOS.

  • Barry Says:

    And one more thing, if your browser is so noisy, why not consider turning the volume down.

  • Barry Says:

    I must say, though Mac OSX is free, a mac that runs it usually goes over $800, while you can get a Windows PC for $100 or even less. Also, if you have Windows 7 or 8 Installed on your PC, you can get Windows 10 for free.

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