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M-Go Poised To Be Your Ultimate Entertainment App Across Devices

At SXSW, hugely popular production and media companies DreamWorks and Technicolor are previewing their yet-to-be-released M-Go TV app, touted as the only app you'll need across all your entertainment devices. M-Go wants to wrangle your fragmented library of multimedia into a single platform to act as your one-stop shop of consolidated content. We hopped into the company's fully decked out purple bus on our way to the Austin Convention Center, and this also served as M-Go's demo time for the app.

Right now, M-Go is being exhibited in private beta mode, slated to launch with 10,000-plus video titles available for purchase on demand.

"The idea is to create a service that works to bring all your media into one place," said M-Go's Cory Schaeffler. "It can work on your Apple device through an HTML5 app, on your Android device, your smart TV, PC, and more. After all, your content is only as valuable as the amount of devices it's stored on."

Technicolor is working with major studios to join in on providing content for the app. Ultimately, it will integrate live TV, smart TV and VOD including the ability to search and get recommendations within the app. The service is also partnering with Samsung and Vizio, so TVs, Blu-Ray players, tablets and other products carrying these brands will have the app preloaded onto the hardware. Intel Ultrabooks will also ship with M-Go built in.

All in all, it's an impressive offering that could substantially alter the current landscape of service providers. M-Go is set to launch sometime later in the year, but no definite date has been nailed down yet.