Lenovo Smart Display 7 Is a Google Assistant Screen Built for Privacy

Lenovo has unveiled its new Smart Display 7: a Google Assistant-powered display that features a 7-inch SD touchscreen in a compact body.

Equipped with a TrueBlock Privacy Shutter and a physical mute button, Lenovo's privacy-centric features allow you to utilize the device when you need it and disable it when you don't. With a majority of smart assistant companies coming forward with admissions of human contractors analyzing smart device recordings, these privacy options offer a sense of relief.

Trimming the larger bezels of its predecessors, the Smart Display 7 also sees the addition of an ambient light sensor for better, more realistic photos. While you may not be clamoring for your smart assistant to capture life's most important moments, the improvements make video calls and recordings even clearer.

Adding front-facing left and right speakers for stereo separation, audio resonates from a larger chamber offering richer and louder sound.

Lenovo's Smart Display 7 starts at $129.99 and is expected to be available starting in October 2019.

Hunter Fenollol is Laptop’s editorial intern, where he covers the latest industry news and products. With a public relations degree from Long Island University, Hunter worked as a publicity specialist for independent game companies prior to joining the team. When he’s not working, you can find Hunter blowing his paycheck on slot machines, babysitting his two little sisters or playing the latest video games.