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Larky App Ensures You Get the Shopping Discounts You Deserve

We all have loyalty or membership cards from retailers and other organizations that are supposed to guarantee us discounts on certain purchases. The problem is that we rarely remember to use these perks. But the makers of the new Larky app for iPhone want to change that.

Available through Apple's App Store, the Larky app saves a user's loyalty and membership cards and automatically reminds them when they are eligible for a deal or discount. The app, which can also be accessed via Larky's website, uses your phone's location to determine if you are in a participating store and, if you have the appropriate loyalty card, sends you a notification about available deals.

Eventually, Larky says it hopes to integrate its app with mobile payment solutions, automatically applying any available discounts when the user taps or waves their phone to pay.  The company says it's working with 1,500 organizations to bring users a whole host of discount opportunities. 

Larky isn't exactly the first app of its kind. Both Apple's Passbook app and Google Wallet offer similar features that alert you about location-based deals. More recently, Samsung has thrown its hat into the ring with its own Samsung Wallet.