Kinect Hacked to Run Gesture Controls on a Windows 7 PC

Yes, you read the headline right. The Microsoft Kinect sensor for XBox is being hacked left and right by engineers all across the map and now works on computers. The Kinect sensor's gesture-control capabilities open a world of possibilities that users are eagerly seeking to take advantage of. A cool, but limited Mac OS X mashup with Kinect can be spotted on YouTube. However, it simply doesn't compare to the latest hack done with a PC running Windows 7.

A popular Xbox accessory that Microsoft released earlier this month, the Kinect sensor allows the popular game console to utilize gesture controls.  Using your body and real actions Xbox gamers can literally play soccer in their living room, minus all the running around. The Next Web reports that the number of Kinect Sensors sold is over 1.3 million worldwide. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't released any software or drivers to make the Kinect work on PCs or Macs, but since its release, we've seen numerous hacks crop up to solve the problem.

Just this week, a team of engineers at the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group created one of the cleanest hacks to-date. Check the video for some "Minority Report" style interaction between the Microsoft Kinect and a PC running Windows 7:

Via GottaBeMobile