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iOS 5: Is This What the Twitter Integration Looks Like?

We're only a few hours away from Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote, and a photo has surfaced that reportedly shows off what Twitter integration could look like on iOS 5. TechCrunch is reporting about this functionality, and the site also says that new widgets and revamped notifications will be part of Apple's new software for the iPhone and iPad. If the above photo is legit, it's possible that iOS 5's revamped notification system could use the same approach as Apple's personal hotspot feature, which tells you that it's on via a slim bar at the top of the screen. Or maybe Apple is only giving this special treatment to Twitter.

Twitter integration in iOS 5 will likely extend to photo sharing and sharing websites, and don't be surprised if iOS 5's improved voice recognition lets you speak to tweet. However, heavy hitters like Robert Scoble and John Gruber say Twitter integration will go much deeper than that. Whatever it is, we're hoping Facebook integration is just as deep. After all, a lot of people use Facebook for sharing photos, an activity you're more likely to do with friends than followers.

We're not sure what the new widgets could be, but certainly iOS' Weather and Stocks widgets are in need of refreshing. It's about time Apple one-upped HTC Sense.

via TechCrunch